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G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot

G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot
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G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot
G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot

G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot

G-Loomis GL2 Bass Rods - Drop Shot

G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot rods are designed with soft tips to allow the fish to inhale the bait without feeling a lot of resistance. And when the angler feels the tension or just sees the line jump, all they have to do is raise the rod and the rod will do the rest. When the bite gets tough, it's especially effective. When the bite is on, it's a lot of fun. You'll appreciate all of the thought put into these rods with the very first fish.

G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot rods feature a split grip handle designed for high performance bass fishing. The unique, flat-sided fighting-butt provides ergonomic comfort for those that prefer to put the rod butt under their arm or against the side of their arm for leverage.

G. Loomis GL2 Bass Rods have an attractive burgundy colored blank with the application they are intended for silkscreened on the split grip.

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ModelTD CodeLengthActionPowerLine Weight
Lure Weight
GL2 821SDSRGLO-08596'10''
Ex-FastMag-Light5-101/8 - 7/16
Price: USD $200.00
GL2 822SDSRGLO-08606'10''
Ex-FastMag-Medium6-123/16 - 1/2
Price: USD $200.00

A lot of what bass fishing is all about happens on or near the bottom. Bass are structure-oriented critters that use the contours of the lake bottom like a highway. Dropshotting allows you to concentrate your efforts in those areas where they slow down to rest or stage. It a special technique for fishing the holding spots. With a sinker at the end of the line and the hook & bait up on the main line a few inches off the bottom, it's all about getting them to see the bait dangling there seductively, waiting for their reaction. The beauty of this technique is that it doesn't take a lot of experience to be successful.

G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Rod Descriptions

This rod features a light tip with a magnum powered butt-section. It's designed for open water and depths of up to around 25-30'. It really shines for smallmouth and spotted bass in those clear water lakes where you need to downsize your line. When the bite gets tough and the fish need something a little less intrusive, this is an excellent option. The light tip helps telegraph the bite while not letting the fish feel the angler and when it comes down to fighting the fish, any size fish, it has more than enough power in the butt to do the job.

A slightly more powerful drop-shot rod designed for deep-water and fishing around cover. Soft enough in the tip to be effective, yet powerful enough to pull a good fish away from trouble. The heavier designation allows you to fish 10- or even 12-pound line as deep as 60-feet if that's where you find 'em. It's designed for fishing those lakes where brush and tree-tops are the main cover and fish holding areas, like Lake Mead, Lay Lake or Lanier. One second the fish is mouthing your bait, the next thing he knows he's in the net.

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