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Saltwater Fishing Lures

With high-quality saltwater fishing lures from TackleDirect, donít be surprised if fish are jumping over themselves to reach your line. We have saltwater fishing baits for sale from Yo Zuri, Northbar, Super Strike, 24/7, Daiwa and more than 100 other top brands, meaning youíll be able to find any fishing lure you can imagine. Itís important to match the type of fishing lure you need with the species youíll be casting for and the technique youíll be using, and our experts are here to assist you with any questions you have.

We have saltwater jigs for jig head fishing, popper lures for top water bass, spinner rig lures for walleyes, saltwater plugs with realistic action, bucktails for fishing from beaches and canals, and many more. Choose from hard saltwater lures made from plastic, hardwood, metal or glass, with realistic swimming motion built in that becomes even more lifelike in the right anglerís hands. Or pick out soft baits with lifelike details and scents added to make them even more irresistible to fish. You can even get bulk lure packages such as jigging kits and strip kits to stock up for the season, and weíll ship anywhere in the world no matter when or where you need your next lure.
Blue Water Candy Gaffer Candy LuresBlue Water Candy Bling SkirtsBlue Water Candy Instigator LuresBlue Water Candy Scooter Chugger Head LuresBlue Water Candy Jag LuresBlue Water Candy Hair and Mylar SkirtsBlue Water Candy Mojo LuresBlue Water Candy Naked Tandem Parachute RigBlue Water Candy Naked Tandem Parachute Rig Open EndedBlue Water 6oz by 3oz Tandem LoadedBlue Water Candy 12oz by 8oz Tandem Parachute RigBlue Water Candy 5oz by 3oz Tandem Loaded Parachute RigBlue Water Candy 6oz by 2oz Loaded Parachute RigBlue Water Candy 3oz by 2oz Loaded Parachute RigBlue Water Candy Tandem Loaded Chartreuse on PurpleBlue Water Candy Tandem Loaded - White on Purple RigsBlue Water Candy 3oz by 2oz Loaded with 6in ShadBlue Water Candy Tandem 7oz by 3oz Loaded RigBlue Water Candy Tandem 8oz by 4oz Striper RigBlue Water Candy Super Star RigBlue Water Candy Jag-A-Hoo ChainBlue Water Candy Mahi Mauler LureBlue Water Candy Dancin Flyer ChainsBlue Water Candy Jag Wingz LuresBlue Water Candy Roscoe Rigged LuresBlue Water Candy Private Stock LureBlue Water Candy Feather Weight LureBlue Water Candy 15in Umbrella w/ 4oz ParachuteBlue Water Candy 20in Umbrella w/ 4oz ParachuteBlue Water Candy 15in Umbrella w/ 9in ChaserBlue Water Candy 15in Striperbella w/ 4oz ParachuteBlue Water Candy Striperbella with 9in ChaserBlue Water Candy 3oz Umbrella JigsBlue Water Candy Roscoe Lil Man - 2ozBlue Water Candy Flying Scooter LureBlue Water Candy Flyin Jag LureBlue Water Candy Razzle Dazzle LureBluewater Candy Grinning Gus Lure 20ozBluewater Candy 18in Dredge Wire with Loop - 100 PackBlue Water Candy After Shock Jig HeadsBlue Water Candy After Shock Jig Heads - UnpaintedBlue Water Candy 9 in. ShadBlue Water Candy Swinging Gus MoJo LuresBlue Water Candy Grinning Gus Lures Loaded w/ ShadBlue Water Candy Spire Lures Loaded w/ ShadBlue Water Candy Loaded Tandem Parachute RigsBlue Water Candy Skirted Ballyhoo RigsBlue Water Candy Skirted Wire Ballyhoo RigBluewater Candy Dead Bait Rig w/ SkirtBlue Water Candy Casting Creeper Lures
Rapala Dives-To Crankbait LuresRapala Clackin Rap LuresRapala Clackin' Crank LuresRapala Clackin' Minnow LuresRapala X-Rap SubWalk LuresRapala X-Rap Magnum LureRapala X-Rap Saltwater Jerkbait LuresRapala X-Rap LuresRapala Original Floating LuresRapala Magnum LuresRapala Saltwater Skitter Pop LuresRapala Tail Dancer LuresRapala Down Deep Husky Jerk LuresRapala Sliver LuresRapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow LuresRapala Balsa Xtreme Swimmer LuresRapala Dives-To Fat Series LuresRapala Dives-To Flat Series LuresRapala Dives-To Metal Sure Set LuresRapala Dives-To Thug Sure Set LuresRapala Husky Jerk LuresRapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerk LuresRapala Scatter Rap Crank LuresRapala Scatter Rap Minnow LuresRapala Scatter Shad LuresRapala Scatter Rap Countdown LuresRapala Rippin Rap LuresRapala Shad Rap LuresRapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap LuresRapala Ultra Light Crank LuresRapala X-Rap Countdown LuresRapala BXJM09 Balsa Xtreme Jointed Minnow LureRapala BXJSD06 Balsa Xtreme Jointed Shad LureRapala WSR02 Jigging Shad Rap LureRapala BX Waking Minnow LureRapala Scatter Rap Jointed LureRapala Super Shad Rap LuresRapala SDR11 Shadow Rap LureRapala SDRD11 Shadow Rap Deep LureRapala SSW11 Skitter Walk LureRapala ULP04 Ultra Pop Hard Bait LureRapala SDRS09 Shadow Rap Shad LureRapala SDRSD09 Shadow Rap Deep Shad LureRapala X-Rap Long Cast LuresRapala Saltwater Subwalk LuresRapala Flat Jig LuresRapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow LuresRapala X-Rap Twitchin Minnow LuresRapala Husky Magnum LuresRapala X-Rap Twitchin Mullet LureRapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap LureRapala DSCRC05 Scatter Rap Crank Deep LureRapala Scatter Rap Deep Husky Jerk LureRapala Scatter Rap Crank Shallow LuresRapala Shad Dancer LureRapala Shad Rap Rattlin Suspending LuresRapala Slab Rap LuresRapala SKV10 Skitter V LureRapala Snap Rap Lures
Sportfish Products Sport Feather LuresSportfish Products Silver Tuna Jet LuresSportfish Products Gold Tuna Jet LuresSportfish Products 6in Bubble Jet LuresSportfish Products 9in Bubble Jet LuresSportfish Products Tuna Mamba LuresSportfish Products Tuna Thrasher LuresSportfish Products 6in Tuna Teaser LuresSportfish Products 9in Tuna Teaser LuresSportfish Products 9in Sportfish Machine LuresSportfish Products 12in Sportfish Machine LuresSportfish Products 12in Rigged Sport Squid LuresSportfish Products 32in Spreader Bar with 9 - 6in SquidSportfish Products 36in Spreader Bar with 9 - 9in SquidSportfish Products 42in Spreader Bar with 15 - 9in SquidSportfish Products 36in Spreader Bar with 9 - 9in MachineSportfish Products 36in Spreader Bar with 9 - 6in Tuna MambaSportfish Products 32in Spreader Bar with 9 - 6in Sport FeatherSportfish Products 32in Spreader Bar with 9 - 6in Bubble Jet FeatherSportfish Products 6in Replacement SquidSportfish Products 9in Replacement SquidSportfish Products Trolling FeathersSportfish Products Sport Feather ChainSportfish Products 6 Arm Eel Umbrella RigSportfish Products 6in Rigged Replacement EelsSportfish Products Shad Umbrella RigSportfish Products Rigged Replacement ShadsSportfish Products 9in Machine Squid ChainsSportfish Products 12in Machine Squid ChainsSportfish Products 9in Machine ChainsSportfish Products 12in Machine ChainsSportfish Products 6in Squid ChainsSportfish Products 9in Squid ChainsSportfish Products Diamond Jigs with TubesSportfish Products Tornado Casting/Trolling SpoonSportfish Products 9in Tuna Thrasher Squid ChainSportfish Products 9in Tuna Mamba Squid ChainSportfish Lure Bags with AccessoriesSportfish Replacement BarSportfish Products Replacement EelsSportfish 10 Piece Lure Case with AccessoriesSportfish Sand Eel Umbrella RigSportfish Tube 6 Arm Umbrella RigSportfish 4 Shads Umbrella RigSportfish Replacement TubesSportfish Sand Eel JigsSportfish Weighted Bunker Snag Hooks
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