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Megabass Destroyer Orochi X4 Bass Casting and Spinning Rods

Megabass Destroyer Orochi X4 Bass Casting and Spinning Rods

Megabass Destroyer Orochi X4 bass rods feature proprietary Hi-Tension Active X4 Matrix blanks. The Active X4 Matrix increases tension and stiffness significantly with a 4-axis carbon graphite wrap.

Reg Price $360.00Our Price $288.00
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Oversize Packaging Required - Long Tube or Box
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NameTypeLengthActionLure WeightLine WeightPrice
Scramble TourSpinning
(2 piece)
6' 8''Medium Fast1/32 - 1/4oz.3 - 10lb.Reg Price $360.00Our Price $288.00
Oversize Packaging Required
Megabass Destroyer Orochi X4 bass rods feature proprietary Hi-Tension Active X4 Matrix blanks. The Active X4 Matrix increases tension and stiffness significantly with a 4-axis carbon graphite wrap (think ''X'' superimposed on ''+'' to get an idea of the pattern). These exceedingly tough fibers wrap tightly around the blank from butt-end to second guide, increasing backbone, leverage and power on the water without adding unnecessary bulk.

Orochi X4 rods also feature an adaptive blank of carefully selected 40 and 46 ton graphite. This allows for truly adaptive blank construction that takes into account the specific needs of each stress-point under varying load-levels, meaning that every single inch of your blank is optimally tuned with the best graphite for the job. This adaptive core is further reinforced by its own braided 2-axis ''XX'' pattern micro-carbon fiber cross-weave, which runs the entire length of the blank.

With a blank that starts off with adaptive graphite construction, followed by a 2-axis micro carbon fiber wrap, finished off with a 4-axis carbon backbone, you get a rod that is incredibly strong and resistant to off-axis torque, yet also light and exceptionally sensitive.

Megabass of America 3-Year Rod Warranty
The Hedgehog Bass Casting Rod features the Ultra Extra Fast performance taper of HEDGE HOG models from years past. The tip section uses high sensitivity, high strength carbon solids by way of a new manufacturing procedure, strengthening its torque while presenting an incredibly flexible tip for subtle action and hooksets. It's a very combative bait finesse shaft, which, when used for pitching or flipping jig head rigs or no sinker worms, can place casts with greater precision.

RattleViper-Technical Game Bass Casting Rod offers a lot of versatility for medium-weight casting applications. With a fairly-soft taper, the F3-68X4 is ideally suited for jerkbaits like the Vision 110, which at times requires the subtle manipulations that only a softer tip can provide in order to trigger strikes. Small to medium crankbaits, texas-rigged worms, and jigs from 1/8oz. to 1/4oz. are also ideally suited when paired with 8-12lb. test line.

Super Mirage Bass Casting Rod is a finesse rod that is capable of long distance casting with 8-14lb line with small soft baits, neko rigs, 2.7-5 down shots and light Texas rigs.

ONETEN STICK Bass Casting Rod was developed to precisely control the VISION ONETEN series, in order to maximize the potential of the lure. The resiliently strong X4 blanks handle the sudden bites encountered by jerk baits with ease. The shorter grip reduces fatigue from jerking, and makes smooth, rapid jerking possible. The excellent balance and maneuverability make it easy to use in any situation. This versatile rod shows exceptional potential for top water and cranking.

Cyclone Bass Casting Rod is perhaps best classified as a light-power rod. With a length of 6'6'' and medium-fast taper, the Cyclone is ideal for techniques that require a physical hook-set. The length and taper allow the angler to comfortably impart the shaking, pulling and twitching actions necessary for effective jig and worm fishing. Perfect for jigs and texas-rigs from 3/16oz. to 3/8oz., this rod also doubles as a medium-range crankbait stick, ideal for cranks such as the MR-X Griffon or the Deep-X 100.

Ratteleviper Type-F Bass Casting Rod has a soft, flexible tip that is perfect for dragging a worm across the bottom. The action imparted to your bait will cause fish that have already bitten to bite again harder. In contrast to the spinning rod-like tip section, the high tension belly is designed for reliable hookups, and the butt has the power to battle against large fish. All of these different elements coexist within one rod; this is a rod specialized for aggressive soft bait fishing.

Black ELSEIL Bass Casting Rod is great for topwaters, jerkbaits, finesse jigs, soft plastics and even crankbaits. At 7' long, this incredibly versatile F4.5 power rod has a medium-fast taper which lends itself well for techniques that require long casts and sweeping hooksets. Considered by the Pro Staff to be the perfect rod for Carolina rigs, the moderately soft tip allows the angler to cast these (at-times) awkward rigs with ease.

Other ideal applications include dragging football-head jigs, fishing scroungers, and throwing medium to deep running crankbaits like the Deep-X 200T. Incredibly light and sensitive, the long blank is perfect for actively working baits, taking up a lot of line on hookset, and casting long-distances.

Super Orochi Bass Casting Rod has a regular taper that makes it ideally suited for powerful hooksets and short, accurate casts. Great for spinnerbaits from 1/4-1/2oz. and medium-running crankbaits like the MR-X Cyclone, the Super Orochi comes alive when casting jigs and Texas-rigs between 3/16 and 3/8oz. The manageable length and taper allow for easy lure manipulation and worry-free casting on the water.

Cover Hacking Bass Casting Rod offers an exceptional combination of power and castability. The faster taper allows for a manageable tip without sacrificing the raw power needed to fish heavy cover. The Cover Hacking is an excellent choice for fishing jigs and worms in deep water, where lure manipulation and hooksetting power are required. Perfect for casting heavier jigs and Texas-rigged worms from 3/8-3/4oz., this rod will also double as a spinnerbait and crankbait rod. Intended for short, accurate casts with heavy line, the F6-68X4 excels in tests of 12-25lbs.

MAT BUCKER Bass Casting Rod have the Ultra Extra Fast action of the HEDGEHOG series. On the tip section, ultra sensitive and high strength carbon solid has been applied, strengthening the twist of the blanks. The bait finesse shaft could accurately control jig head rigs, small rubber jigs, and no sinker worms into structures.

Destruction Bass Casting Rod offers the maximum in power, feel and control. Ideally suited for pitching and casting all jig and Texas-rig setups in weight ranges of 1/4-3/4oz., the Destruction will also make for a great flipping stick. The 7'2'' length and medium-fast taper also lend themselves well for Carolina rigs, football jigs, big spinnerbaits, and deep diving crankbaits like the Deep-X 300. Anglers who prefer longer rods for their ability to take up more line in hookset and increased casting distance will enjoy the F6-72X4 paired with 12-30lbs test lines.

SEVEN ELEVEN Bass Casting Rod, with its telescoping blank, allows for incredibly long casts, and takes up a tremendous amount of line on the hookset. The Seven Eleven has a fast taper, going from a stiff butt section to a relatively stiff yet manageable tip, which makes this rod perfect for big, hard-pulling crankbaits, all spinnerbaits, swimbaits, buzzbaits, pitching and flipping jigs and worms, carolina rigs, football heads and deep jigging. A staple on the boat deck of every Megabass Pro, the Seven Eleven is a must-have workhorse for tournament fishing.

Black Python Bass Casting Rod is a high power, lightweight, telescoping rod that is well balanced for heavy Carolina rigs, large size moving baits, heavy weighted spinner baits and big crank baits. The Black Python is capable of long range casting, as well as flipping short ranges at jungle covers for the whole day.

HYENA Yuki Ito Special Bass Spinning Rod is a finesse rod with a high tension ultra thin shaft which brings out the X4 matrix's metal-like properties, especially in the mid-section and butt sections, allowing for instant hook sets. The butt section displays high tension and strong shaft rigidity, overturning the common sense of ultra light action rods.

Scramble Tour Bass Spinning Rod is a 2-piece rod that is convenient for the angler that likes to go fishing at a moment's notice. The Scramble Tour can be used in a variety of situations and has long distance casting ability. In order not to spoil the performance of X4 blanks, ''Inro Tsugi'' is used to remove the bending stress where the two rod parts are joined.

Aaron Martens Limited Bass Spinning Rod is a multi function spinning rod. Although lightweight, the finely honed X4 blank increases control of jig-head rigs and down-shot (drop shot) rigs. This is a versatile rod that can be used with anything from soft baits to small plugs.

ONIKIRIMARU GREAT LAKES Bass Spinning Rod shows amazing coverage and efficiency for deep-water finesse games and minnow applications which involve searching wide areas. While having a robust shaft suited for heavy cover, the agile tip of thge F5-70X4S readily captures bites, epitomizing the true nature of a power finesse rod.

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