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Megabass Destroyer X7 Bass Casting Rods

Megabass Destroyer X7 Bass Casting Rods

Megabass Destroyer X7 Bass Casting Rods feature 7 axis blanks with a super-thin high taper construction; these rods can cast lures great distances. Destroyer X7 rods also have an exceptional power to weight ratio and perfect balance.

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Megabass Destroyer X7 Bass Casting Rods feature 7 axis blanks with a super-thin high taper construction. With overwhelming elasticity Destroyer X7 rods can powerfully launch lures great distances. Lightweight construction and solid structure allow X7 rods to have an exceptional power to weight ratio and perfect balance.

Destroyer X7 Technology
  • Ito Head Locking SystemIII -
    Creating a clearance between the locking bezel and blank connector, it locks the connector's bottom end as a fixed support, supporting the blank's shaft rigidly.
  • Core Implex X7 Graphite -
    The multilayer, multiaxis graphite structure is melded with the strong, shaft protection material YOLOY from tip to end, creating a super-thin design with faster vibration transmission, higher sensitivity and extraordinary power.
  • 7 Axis Graphite Separate Shaft -
    The Separate Shaft creates high impact tension, and is adorned with skillful artwork depicting Megabass' icon, the ''Oracle Dragon''. Models: F4-68X7, F4-611X7, F5-75X7, F5ST-611X7, F5.5-70X7, F6-68X7, F7-71X7, FX-710X7.
  • Super Metacompo Stealth Reel Seat -
    F2-63X7 and F2.5-66X7, which are focused on delicately triggering bites use the Stealth Reel Seat, great for even one-handed finger work. Combined with the Metacompo carved metal frame which is connected to the center of the reel seat, it creates the ultimate in sensitivity.
  • Super Metacompo Skeleton Reel Seat -
    A super skeleton setup that directly fastens the reel to the rod. It floating mounts the blank as it passes through the reel seat, and the carved metal frame Metacompo ergonomically fits to create high rigidity. Models: F4-68X7, F4-611X7, F5-75X7, F5ST-611X7, F5.5-70X7, F6-68X7, F7-71X7, FX-710X7.
  • Small Diameter Guide KR Concept -
    This takes the FujiKR concept guide and retools it for competition use. To avoid power loss during struggles with monsters, it maximizes the blank's elasticity and torque. The incredible castability is indispensable in competitions where a wide area has to be searched in as little time as possible.
  • Minimum Guide System -
    A unique small diameter guide system developed through rigorous testing and feedback in the pursuit of excellent light line control. By combining it with a bait finesse reel, the casting performance when using super lightweight sub 2g rigs increases. The sensitivity is also increased, allowing for immediate responses to subtle hits. It also features Megabass' original guide positioning, perfect for bait finesse games.
Megabass of America 3-Year Rod Warranty
F2-63X7 Super Criffhanger Bass Casting Rod handles lightweight rigs such as small rubber jigs, neko rigs, and wacky jig heads with the same performance as spinning tackle, and possesses the rod power and length that allow for excellent casting distance, lightness and sensitivity. The delicate and soft tip gets solid hookups during shaking and falling without bouncing off bites, displaying sensitivity greater than that of spinning tackle. The taper action has a high damping effect, even with 5lb class light lines, and displays great suspension during fights with big bass. This special bait finesse rod can land monster-sized bass with ease.

F2.5-66X7 The ''Shading-X'' Bass Casting Rod has a flexible taper that makes it easier to cast small lures farther with agile control and precise motion, allowing for high paced fishing. It's suited for a wide range of uses, such as with shads, small cranks, small spinner bait and top water plugs. This is a versatile lightweight rod that will draw out the potential of your lures. It's a special utility item used to search for reaction bites with light rigs in fields filled with cunning bass that you have already challenged with spinning setups.

F3-69X7 Super Eiger Bass Casting Rod is an aggressive finesse rod that is focused on attacking cover. It works well with many setups, from lightweight rigs to slightly heavier 3.5-5g small rubber jigs and down shots, as well as 1.8-2.7g super light Texas rigs. Aside from boat fishing, it's great for effectively attacking cover from shore using 10-12lb line. This powerful, high tension bait finesse custom rod sets itself apart from past bait finesse rods.

F4-68X7 Cyclone Advantage Bass Casting Rod is responsive to fast moving lures. The guide diameters have been shrunk and optimized for the two inch longer new Core Implex X7 Graphite blanks. The castability and control for aggressive rigs such as no sinker rigs with heavy worms and light Texas rigs has also been increased. It's the ultimate versatile rod that can handle any field in any season with any lure.

F4-611X7 Super Elseil Bass Casting Rod is known for its long distance performance and bombing power. Starting with long distance top water games, it handles the high paced use of crank bait and light spinner bait as well as heavy no sinker worms with its versatile fast bending tip section.

F4-76X7 Western Flip Bass Casting Rod is great for long distance shore fishing, and also expertly suited for the flipping and pitching games of boat fishing. It has the amazing ability to adapt to fast moving games with hard bait, light Texas rigs, small jigs, heavy no sinker worms and more. The tip helps to avoid bouncing off delicate bites, and the butt has the power to pull big fish out of cover. The super lightweight design and agile balance settings makes you forget about the DESTROYER's length, and allow for prolonged use without fatigue. This is a medium heavy action long shaft custom rod, the likes of which have never been seen before.

F5ST-611X7 Bearingdown Type-X Bass Casting Rod is an updated version of Yuki Ito's signature model F5-611X, which incorporated the extremely popular P3. The basic specs are the same, while the glass solid tip gives it more of a bite. It shows improved usability with lightweight rigs such as light Texas rigs, and has the tip action to reliably hookup ultra short bites in tough fields. In tough modern fields, where fish bite hesitantly and with caution resulting in short bites and shallow bites, this high performance custom shaft excels.

F5.5-70X7 Diablo Fastmove Bass Casting Rod is perfectly suited for the kind of high speed retrieves of crank baits, spinner baits and vibration baits that slice through weeds. This versatile heavy rod specializes in speedily searching the deep range. By combining small diameter guides to the taper settings inherited from past generations of DIABLOS, increased controllability and sensitivity have been realized. This high accuracy bombing rod can precisely cast lures such as the DEEP-X300 and VENOM over great distances.

F5-75X7 Extreme Mission Bass Casting Rod is a specialty shaft for use with heavy no sinker worms and swim jigs under tough conditions where fish are reluctant to bite. The unique shaft tension, exquisite balancing and expert taper design adapt to use with deep cranking as well as spinner baits. It's a specialty model designed to handle the tough big fish of the mid range.

F6-68X7 Super Rekkai Bass Casting Rod allows precise lure delivery into heavy cover, and the high tension tip along with the super-high sensitivity shaft allow information from the jig to instantly reach your hands from depths of over 10m. This high tension shaft is fast and sensitive, and exhibits amazing performance during reaction-focused approaches with rubber jigs and Texas rigs.

F7-71X7 Aaron Martens 71 Bass Casting Rod displays devastating effectiveness during frog games in heavy cover, with jigs over 3/8oz and punching with heavy weight sinkers over 1oz. The regular taper of the long shaft distributes the stress applied to the shaft, and reduces power loss. It allows for domination against big bass, even amidst cover. This versatile heavy cover rod can take abuse in any field, from ponds to reservoirs to rivers and big lakes.

FX-710X7 The Destruction Bass Casting Rod is suited for use with a wide variety of lures, starting with cranks, vibration lures and spinner baits, and extends to lightweight swim baits and cover fishing with jigs and Texas rigs. It has the long distance casting ability to speedily search across wide areas and the reach that gives it the edge in struggles with big fish, even under conditions where you have bad footing. The length is designed to allow more precise range control of the lure and more accurate course control of retrieves in and around structures.
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