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Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reels

Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reels

$269.99 - $409.99
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TD Code
WeightGear RatioRetrieve
Line Capacity
Power Pro
Max DragBearingPrice
225+1$269.99 USD
225+1$269.99 USD
275+1$289.99 USD
335+1$309.99 USD
446+1$359.99 USD
446+1$409.99 USD
The Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning reels are saltwater reels made to be durable with new "Cam" oscillation system. These reels are water resistant and provide a comfortable drag. These reels are dedicated to the Blue Water angler, and are perfect to tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power. These reels offer up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish.

  • X-Ship: For efficient gear engagement, extended gear longevity, and increased castability
  • X-Tough Drag: Cross carbon, waterproof, twin drag all models
  • Water resistant with X-Shield and X-Protect, with body gasket seal, anti-rev bearing cover
  • Paladin Gear durability enhancement and Propulsion line management system
  • S A-RB Shielded ball bearings and graphite Rotor
  • Aluminum frame, cold forged aluminum spool, and machined aluminum handle shank
  • Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse and power roller III line roller
  • Direct drive mechanism, and dyna balance
  • Fluidrive II
  • Waterproof drag
  • Dartainium II drag washers
  • Ergonomic handle grips
  • Septon handle grips
  • Approved for saltwater use
5 Stars based on 11 reviews
By Ara
Cairo, Egypt
Great reel
July 17, 2016
I have used the 25000 and the 10000 both great reels, it seems it was a mistake from Shimano making such a strong reel with this price.
By vincent
Hattiesburg, MS
awesome for the price!!
August 20, 2015
I have recently switched 90% of my reels to all saragosa sw with the exception of a stradic fj and a saragosa 4000f. the reels are smooth, durable, pretty lightweight and can take a beating. I've got the 5000, and a couple of 6000. will be adding a 10k and 20k for heavy jigging soon.
Prosgreat value smooth durable
By Eugenia
Pozzuoli, Italy
Great reel
May 18, 2015
Powerful reel it is abused and is like the day I bought it. Very smooth and I have not had any issues.
By Tony
Saragosa 20000
January 10, 2015
Nice reel nice price. Casts far I am using this reel for cut bait dunking. Smooth feeling very dependable reel. Little heavy for my taste.
ConsVery heavy and don't care for cam oscillation system. Prefer the aero wrap
By Bob
Tampa Bay
Saragosa 1000 for Tarpon
July 6, 2014
I have used the Saragosa 1000 on Tarpon this season. It has preformed smoothly and has held up for the entire season. I use 50# braid with the drag screwed pretty tight. I previously used the previous model which worked fine but the new model seems more comfortable and a bit lighter. I also believe the drag is smoother. Tarpon in this area run mostly 80# to 110 #.
ProsLight, good quality, double drag.
By Dan
Kingston, MA
So far so good 10000SW
May 21, 2014
I have been very impressed with this reel so far this season at the CC Canal, casts far, good drag, and very smooth
By Gregory
Demarest, NJ
Great Reel
April 25, 2014
This reel is great for offshore standup fishing. I would recommend it to a lot of people.
By Phillip
Great reel
March 22, 2014
A very reliable reel at a great price. I use it for jigging and am very satisfied. Bravo Shimano!
ProsLooks great, price, casting, solid frame, waterproof, reliable.
ConsDrag. It could be better.
By Yan
Brooklyn, NY
Nothing even closed at this price level.
March 21, 2014
Signature Shimano smooth. Perfect line lay. Sealed body and Drag so it's highly water resistant, what more can you ask for a $250 reel. 5000 & 6000 size are about 16oz , not 20+ oz.
ProsSmooth, Powerful, Perfect line lay. Sealed body, Sealed drag. Light Weight.
ConsDrag knob tighten up by itself once you lowered the drag to certain minimum level. But that's no issue since this is not a freshwater finesse reel.
By louati
Awesome Reel Design And So Strong To Fish GT And Tuna
January 12, 2014
Awesome Reel Design And So Strong To Fish GT And Tuna
By Brendan M.
Thank you Shimano!
January 8, 2014
Finally! A waterproof reel that can be used in the surf and has alot of the bells and whistles that the higher priced models boast and won't break the bank. Shimano really thought this one out. I tested out it's claim to be waterproof by submerging the reel in a 5 gallon bucket of water overnight and when I took it apart the next morning to check for water intrusion, the internals were completely dry! It really is waterproof. I would not recommend going swimming in the surf with this bad boy for extended periods but dunking it here and there shouldn't be a problem. That's what Van Stalls and Zeebass are for anyway. The line lay on this reel is perfect as well. I spooled my 6000 up with 30lb Suffix and was able to get 275 yds on it without overfilling. That is more than enough line for surf fishing here in the northeast. The reel is light for it's size, weighing only 16.4 ounces and it matches up beautifully with surf rods ranging from 9' to 10'6''. Casts well too! I don't think there is any other reel on the market right now that can match the Saragosa SW's features and at this price point.
18 Questions & 18 Answers
from Fort Myers, Florida asked:
November 15, 2016
I am debating between the 8000 and the 6000 Saragosa to put on a 8 foot 20-40 pound rod to throw spoolteks and jigs from bridges for big snook. Which reel would better suit my situation.
The Saragosa 8000 will be a better fit for a 20-40 lb rod fishing for snook off bridges.
on November 16, 2016

from San Antonio, TX asked:
November 5, 2015
I have a new 8ft St Croix legend surf I got from TD not long ago. I've used it with one of my Stradic 4000 and it does ok, but I was wondering if a saragosa sw5000 would work better. Throwing lures in surf and from jettie. Would you recommend a bigger real like the Saragosa 5000 or stick with Stradivarius 4000? Thank you,
I would probably just stick with what you have. The 5000 Saragosa may be just a little bit big for that rod. If you were using the 9ft version of that rod I would go with the Saragosa, but you are fine with what you have now.
on November 6, 2015

from Massachusetts asked:
August 23, 2015
Hi, I was wondering which Saragosa would go nicely with a century ss 1328 spinning rod. A 6000, 8000, or 10000 for the cape code canal. Thanks!
I would recommend the 10000 size Saragosa with 50lb braid spooled on it. Alternately, the Shimano Stella 14000 would be the perfect reel for the canal if you wanted to do that instead.
on August 26, 2015

from trinidad asked:
August 10, 2015
i do mostly bottom fishing with heavy we weights..16oz for the mot would you recommend using one of these reels to use
Hello Damian. Based on the information you provided you would need AT LEAST a 10000 series reel or higher. Which from that point would be based on what exact fish species and weight class you would be targeting.
on August 14, 2015

from Naples FL asked:
May 10, 2015
Looking for all round reel and rod for off shore reef,tower and bottom fishing. Fishing for Grouper,Cobia,Snapper,AJ and some tarpon.Looking at the TZS72MH rod what reel to look at sw6000 or 8000. Open to a different rod if needed. I have a heavy rode and reel this would be my #2 and a my first spinning for off shore.
Greg, I would recommend the 8000 Saragosa because of the line capacity for bottom fishing.
on May 11, 2015

from Brooklyn, New York asked:
April 22, 2015
Hi, I am considering getting either the 8k or 10k Saragosa but I was wondering if you could please weigh the 8 and 10k size for me as I keep seeing different weights for them in other sites. The exact weight is important for me as I want to pair it up comfortably with a 12' Tiralejo. Thank you.
Julio, The 8000 Saragosa weights in at 1 pound 8 ounces, and the 10000 weights in a 1 pound 8.8 ounces.
on April 23, 2015

from Cape San Blas, FL asked:
March 18, 2015
I'm looking to get a Saragosa 6000, put 50 lb. braid on it. Fish for grouper, snapper, large flounder, Cobia. Gulf of Mexico, off Cape San Blas, mostly 30-60 feet deep, off bottom, jigging, free line, and some trolling. Will the 7'2" Tallus Medium work well for an all around set up?
That would be an excellent set up, for the fish you are trying to target, and the reel will be more than capable of holding enough line and providing enough power for you various uses.
on March 19, 2015

from Newark, Delaware asked:
March 7, 2015
What happened to the 14K size saragosa? Did Shimano discontinue that size of reel?
That size has been discontinued with the release of the new SW series of Saragossa. The new equivalent would be the Saragossa 20000.
on March 12, 2015

from south Carolina asked:
January 2, 2015
Can I apply power pro 50# braid directly to my saragosa 5000 reel? Or do I need to put some mono on first as a backer?
We suggest either electrical tape on the spool or some mono backing. If tape, just enough to cover the spindle. If mono, 10 turns of the handle should do it.
Customer Service
on January 5, 2015

from Hamilton, NJ asked:
November 20, 2014
Are the 5000 and the 6000 the same body? Thanks
Yes, the bodies for the 5000 and 6000 Saragosa are the same and the spools are interchangeable.
Customer Service
on November 21, 2014

from Lanzarote asked:
November 8, 2014
Hi I live and fish in Lanzarote part of the Canaries Islands targeting Bonito, bluefish and Dorado up to 30lb though I've yet to catch one that big I have been using a Shimano Stradic 5000fj nearly every day exclusively with lures for the past 7 months so it's constantly being cast out and reeled in it rarely gets salt water in it I now have to replace a few worn parts which considering the amount of use it has gone through I think quite acceptable I'm thinking of getting the Saragosa 5000SW would this be a better reel than the stradic
While the stratic is a great reel, the technology Shimano has put into the saragosa is superior. Give one of our product specialists a call and we will be more than happy to get you all set up!
Customer Service
on November 9, 2014

from tampa, fl asked:
October 11, 2014
for the SRG20000SW , which rod (OTI tuna sniper, TEREZ ) is the best match for popping, and can i go with that match for 80-100 lb tuna? tx
The OTI gives you a lot more backbone for fighting but is a stiffer rod. Either rod will work well for Tuna in the range you stated.
Customer Service
on October 13, 2014

from tampa, fl asked:
October 11, 2014
what is the best rod for the SRG20000 SW ?
That depends on what you are fishing for and how. If you are jigging Tuna, a 350 gram jigging rod would be great. If you are popping for Tuna, either a Black Hole popping or OTI Tuna Sniper in the 7-8" range is great. If you are going for Sharks and Tarpon, the popping rods would be great.
Customer Service
on October 13, 2014

from West Chester, PA asked:
October 1, 2014
I bought a 9 ft 6 in Century Slingshot and need to pair up a light weight reel. I have a Saragosa 6000 from 2012 and it weighs 220z. I cast it a few times with century and the balance seems off. I love the reel and was wondering if the new 160z Saragosa 5000 is a good choice and will be noticably lighter. Was considering a 14 oz Quantum Cabo 50 but heard the Saragosa is better if it gets wet from saltwater. Can't afford a Van Staal this year...any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thx. John
The Saragosa 5000 would balance out the Century better than the 6000. The Cabo 50 is a great reel and would balance even better. If you do not regularly soak the reel in the surf, you will be fine with the Quantum. I have been using one for 6 years as my bait reel and it is holding up beautifully.
Customer Service
on October 2, 2014

from South Africa asked:
May 28, 2014
Which of these Saragosa reels would you use for shore casting say 6 oz sinkers for fish say up to 30 Kg's using 33 lbs braid with backing?
Either the 8000 or 10000,
Customer Service
on May 28, 2014

from Virginia asked:
March 12, 2014
What is a good rod to matchup with the Saragosa 10000 for jigging?
I would recommend taking a look at the Shimano Tallus Blue Water Spinning rods or the Shimano Terez would both make a good choice for jigging.
Customer Service
on March 16, 2014

from Frankfort, ME asked:
October 22, 2013
The Shimano website has been updated. It now lists the Saragosa SW 5000 as weighing 16.0 oz.. A tester on Stripers on Line has posted that the Saragosa 5000SW that he field tested weighed 15.1 oz with line. Would you please weigh a Saragosa SW 5000 and 6000 and let me know what they weigh out of the box? I am very interested in picking one up for my wife. Thanks, Greg
weighed out of the box, no line, the Shimano Saragosa SW 5000 is 16.0 oz.
Customer Service
on October 22, 2013

Bluefin hunter
from Cape cod asked:
September 29, 2013
Can the new Saragossa sw 10000 stand up to a 65 inch bluefin up at cape cod. Not to worried about Lin capacity only worried about drag and gears had trouble with last models.
Yes this reel has been built to have the drag and durability for big bluefin
Customer Service
on September 30, 2013

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