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Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool

Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool
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Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool
Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool

Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool

Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool

The makers of Ventafish have closely worked with both marine experts and leading research institutes to design this product with a certain specifications: adherence to state and federal guidelines, ease of use, safety of both the angler and the fish, durability, effectiveness, and value to the consumer. While others may meet federal guidelines, very few adhere to state recommendations of a 16-gauge needle. Of the few who adhere to the needle recommendation, none have the safety features of the Ventafish.
  • Designed to meet all state and federal regulations.
  • 45 degree front end.
  • 16 gauge replaceable needle - packs available.
  • Safety features: grip, cap, needle shielded.

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Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool
Price: USD $14.99

Ventafish Is Easy and Safe
  • Vent holes are placed at the front of the VENTAFISH, which ensures the anglers hand will not obstruct the flow of air during use
  • 3 vent holes are on each side of the VENTAFISH to allow for the quick diffusion of the fishs swim bladder.
  • The inclusion of a true 45 degree front end made VENTAFISH easy to use. An angler need only ensure the front end of the VENTAFISH is parallel to the fish in the appropriate location.
  • VENTAFISH ensures you meet STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS every time you are on the water!
Needle Easily Changed - Don't Buy Another Unit!
  • VENTAFISH uses proven medical grade hypodermic 16 gauge needle approximately 1.5 inches in length.
  • When a needle begins to dull from repeated use, it is easier and much more effective to replace the entire needle assembly.
  • VENTAFISH design ensures anglers can easily acquire and safely replace the needle virtually anytime.
VENTAFISH Separates Easily For Quick Cleaning
  • VENTAFISH disjoints in the middle and allows the angler to easily and safely replace dull needles.
  • VENTAFISH design allows for easy cleaning of the tool. Simply disjoint the VENTAFISH, place both parts in a cup or bucket of mild, soapy detergent or diluted bleach solution for safe and effective cleaning.
VENTAFISH Is Easily and Safely Handled
  • A high impact, clear polycarbonate cap ensures no accidental stickings take place while the unit is being stored or transported.
  • When engaged, the cap prevents the external plunger assembly from being pressed down. This completely eliminates the chance the needle will be engaged during storage or transport.
  • The cap includes a molded clip that allows you to safely store and securely transport the VENTAFISH on your person without any fancy or costly holsters.
  • An oversized rubber grip allows you to use VENTAFISH with confidence, even when your hands are slimy.
  • This grip is highlighted in cobalt blue so it stands out against the rest of the tool.

Best practices in fish venting call for venting the fish as quickly as possible while handling the fish minimally.

STEP 1: Hold the fish gently but firmly on its side. Place your VENTAFISH tool with the 45 degree front end approximately 1-2 inches from the base of the pectoral fin.

STEP 2: After removing the saftey cap, slowly depress the plunger. The needle will penetrate the fish as you depress the plunger. Your VENTAFISH is designed so that it will not lock into place. Only depress the plunger enough to release the gases. The sound of the escaping air and deflation will be noticeable.

STEP 3: Return the vented fish to the water as soon as possible. If the fish is slow to respond, try reviving it by holding it with its head pointed downward while moving it back and forth to restore the circulation of water over the gills. Continue until the fish is able to swim unassisted.

Overall Rating for Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool
(based on 2 reviews)
Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 1, 2013
great venting tool that is easy to use and store
easy of use

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love the Ventafish
July 18, 2012
Worked Great. Used it on some undersized snapper and grouper that had to be released.
Safe, easy to use,

Ventafish VF-1 Fish Venting Tool

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