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Aquatic Nutrition Blood Stream Top Predator Chum Bag 10lb

Aquatic Nutrition Blood Stream Top Predator Chum Bag 10lb

Price: $45.29

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Includes: Dry mix, Mixing bag, Chum Cloud Activation liquid, disposable chum bag, and instructions10lb$45.29 USD
Aquatic Nutrition Blood Stream Top Predator chum is made to attract sharks. The bLoodstream creates a chum slick throughout the water column and draws the sharks from miles away.
When the ingredients are mixed together, solid block of chum forms. This block can be hung or suspended off the back of the boat to attract many species. Aquatic Nutrition Blood Stream chum is a blood based shark fishing chum that combines the powerful scent of blood with the essence of oily prey species, baitfish oils and solids that draws sharks from miles away.
4.5 Stars based on 17 reviews
By Chris
September 3, 2017
Pretty Good
Gave this a try as an addition to our normal chum slick. Definitely convenient and produced a nice steady stream. We'll definitely buy some more and try it again.
ProsConvenient and cheaper than regular chum
By Eric
December 29, 2016
It really seemed to attract the fish.
By Captain robert Cloutier
September 10, 2016
Great addition to my chum slick
I first used product while fishing a shark tournament.I was hoping to add a little extra to my slick . Although it takes some time and a little effort to prepare I was pleased with overall results . Although I wouldn't use only this product for shark fishing . It helped me take second place in the tournament .
ProsEasy to store , lasts a long time , seems to work well .
ConsTakes some time and effort to prepare .
By Jeremy
san clemente, ca
July 1, 2016
Much cleaner/ faster prep than traditional chum
Item was much cleaner/ faster prep than traditional chum. Hook a hammerhead in SoCal within 30min of use
Chattanooga, TN
April 8, 2016
Easy use
I like the ease of use with this product. When mixed, you can use as little, or as much, as you want. It does attrack sharks. I have had luck every time I have used this. I will be ordering more soon for my next trip.
By ksr
March 11, 2016
bought 4 bags of this, and it works
it has brought in bull sharks and hammerheads, it doesn't smell as bad as it states on the label though, but who cares as long as it works. and it doesn work. definately will buy again when i go shark fishing.
Proslasts a long time, and comes in chum bags as well, u dont need to buy anything else.
By Stephanie
Cudjoe key, FL
February 14, 2016
No sharks to be found.
I didn't have any luck with it but it looks promising.
By Brandon
Miami, florida
January 13, 2016
Looks like blood
Must say I had high hopes after using other products from this manufacturer and it met them all. Looks like tar when you mix it but in the water it gives off what looks like blood almost like a bleeding Bonita but more so. Don't know about the hours of use thing but it lasted in the warm water of the keys over a hour amd brought the fish in.
ProsLittle mess No real stink Last longer then standard chum block Looks like blood
By Kevin
Greer, SC
January 11, 2016
Ingenious Product
This is one of those ideas that comes along where we all go "why didn't I think of that!?" The ability to have your chum in a compact bag that does not require refrigeration or have a shelf life is amazing. I can keep it around for as long as I want until the time comes to go shark fishing. The fact that you can mix it up right on the boat and it deploys itself as a time release is even better. I have only used one bag so far and sadly we didn't get to leave it in as long as I would have liked due to the weather changing, but just from seeing the stuff I can't see how it wouldn't be helpful. I've got another bag sitting on my rod rack just waiting for the next shark fishing day.
Pros-No refrigeration required -No shelf life -Compact package with everything included
Cons-Not super easy to use partial amounts to save more for later
By Jeremy
Orange County California
October 30, 2015
Worked well
product worked well. used in So-Cal and was able to bring in a few sharks
By Alan
New Jersey
March 28, 2015
330 pound thresher while using
By Brandon
Miami, FL
November 30, 2014
Great product and little to no mess
I tried this out with some friends on a shark fishing trip. The product mixed easy and only a few drops came out thankfully not on any of us. Caught some small blacktips and seemed to draw all the fish in. It looks like a ball of tar or plastic when mixed but looks like blood when dispensed in the water.
ProsEase of use, low cost, fairly clean
By David
Jacksonville, FL
August 5, 2014
Life gets easier...
I really like this stuff. EZ to use, and desolves nice and slow. Compared to catching live menhaden using a whole bunch of time up, and then going fishing. This product is not only easy to mix up and have ready the day before. But a huge time saver! Video link to "catching a giant Tiger Shark on Barracuda" via charter customer:
ProsNeeds zero refrigeration, coolers full of ice. I like this better than the liquid form of the same stuff. Cause you not to OVER chum, and get wasteful. As you can with the liquid. Although I use "both" at the same time.
ConsCan't say for certain, but I know it helped for sure when we caught the latest LARGE shark being a 500-600 pound Tiger. Is there a true way of telling that the scent drew in that Shark, no. But I bet it helped.
By John
Yardley, PA
July 30, 2014
It really works!
We really believe it has helped add some interest to our chum slick. Now I am afraid to shark fish without this product added to our chum slick. I can honestly say that I believe it has helped attracting the Mako sharks and Threshers.
By Michael
Coventry, RI
July 14, 2014
Bloody mess
Seemed to make a nice bloody oily chum slick. Used it with normal chum and fish oil . Caught some big sharks
ProsSeemed bloody and looked like it was working. Lasted forever and steadily flow
ConsDidn't seem like it would work just by itself
By Keith Del Vecchio
Long Island, NY
May 21, 2014
Works great!!! A+++
Long Island, NY We won the great gun shark anglers tournament 2013 with a 270lb. Mako. The week before we caught a 120lb. mako in Moriches anglers shark tournament. Both tournaments we used BloodStream along with our regular routine. Coincidence..... I don't know but I will use this stuff for now on every time I go shark fishing.
ConsMixing the crap up on the boat.
By Capt Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing
United States
May 8, 2014
Maybe there's no sharks in N.E. Florida in May...??
In 5 trips, I have made a 10 pound bag of this LAST...I mixed up a 4 & 6 pound ball. And then used it all week. I'm in the charter biz in Jacksonville Florida and sharkin' is one of my many J-O-B-S. The water temps 70, there's bait all around. So why one shark in a week of beach drifting, mixed with inlet fishing, and then even shark fishing offshore? I WISH I KNEW! It's certainly NOT a given, that this will bring them from 7 miles away. What I did is use a ball made, and then saved a melted ball back into the good bag they give this to you in. The longer it is mixed, the harder the ball of the 2 parts gets. And the slower it melts away.... BUT, you better have sharks in the area, 1st off. I have no idea what is going on here where I fish. But MAY is usually all ya want in "man-eaters", but I guess not so, this year.........2014. Blame it all on "climate change" the new buzz word for things gone very wrong! So until, this stuff actually produces "a day to remember", I give it 3 stars. AND YES, will come back and review again with proof. I have even used the Chum Cloud oil at the same time.......without any significant results.
ProsEasier to store than "frozen block chum". Easier to make, That's a given. Easy to make ahead of time........go too long and it really lasts, as it turns to asphalt like stuff. Here's a Youtube Video link I did, about making it: Comes in a gallon of Liquid form. I have some, but have no tried it yet.
ConsNot as easy to find as frozen block chum. My local bait shop has never even heard of it! Chum, like Shrimp is sold at bait shops. But these (bags of various chums from Aquatic Nutrition Inc. are not everywhere.) YOU have top think ahead. The longer it seems to be set up and not used while stored in the bag it comes in. The harder and slower it seems to melt away releasing the so called 7 mile slick of blood scent. They say, "smells like death"....I have smelled a lot worse!! A barracuda smells worse, gutting a shark smells worse. Maybe death doesn't smell? Okay, what's next? I'm practically a professional "Research and Developer". I love doing R&D, because I can. I fish for a maybe I ought to not try Blood chum, because sharks don't eat Blood, they eat ......FISH! ?
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