Bass Assassin SA01 1/2

Bass Assassin SA01 1/2" Tiny Shad Lure

Price: $2.99
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TD Code
SA01 SA01118 Limetreuse
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01118 Limetreuse$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01218 Texas Avocado
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01218 Texas Avocado$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01300 Black Shad
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01300 Black Shad$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01315 Spring Minnow
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01315 Spring Minnow$2.99 USD
SA01 SA1330 Albino Shad
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA1330 Albino Shad$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01334 Chartreuse Perch
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01334 Chartreuse Perch$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01336 Salt & Pepper Silver Phantom
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01336 Salt & Pepper Silver Phantom$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01341 Chartreuse Pepper Shad
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01341 Chartreuse Pepper Shad$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01343 Crystal Shad
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01343 Crystal Shad$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01344 Pumpkin Seed Shad
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01344 Pumpkin Seed Shad$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01364 Tomato Seed
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01364 Tomato Seed$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01375 Baby Bass
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01375 Baby Bass$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01376 Electric Chicken
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01376 Electric Chicken$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01385 Opening Night
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01385 Opening Night$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01393 Silver Minnow
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01393 Silver Minnow$2.99 USD
SA01 SA01452 Chartreuse Silver Glitter
Tiny Shad panfish lure1 1/2''15SA01452 Chartreuse Silver Glitter$2.99 USD
The 1 1/2 inch Shad Assassin is ideal for crappie and other panfish.
5 Stars based on 9 reviews
By Michael
Excellent choice when nothing is biting
January 21, 2022
Crappie or Bass….. doesn’t matter. Fish hit this bait
By Michael
Bass Crack
January 21, 2022
They are small but man do they draw strikes. Always in my tackle box
By Brian
Chesapeake, VA
simple and deadly
December 17, 2020
put it on a roadrunner and load up on panfish!
By Trent
Bass assassin
July 19, 2020
Great little lure. Great crappie lure.
By Kenny
Columbia, Maryland
perch pounder!
November 22, 2019
best soft plastics i've used for perch, might have to try it for crappie next
By Joe
Gary, Trxas
Sa01 tiny shad
September 26, 2019
Best crappie bait I have ever used. I used live minnows for years but I don’t buy them at all since I found and learned how to use the tiny shad soft baits. Excellent bait
  • Perfect crappie bait. Crappie attack this bait aggressively and you rarely miss a fish.
  • Hard to find in chartreuse silver glitter in the area where I live. I generally have to order them on line.
By Alex
California, MD
White Perch Lure
April 26, 2015
This is perfect for white perch. I was in disbelief at how many white perch I caught in one outing.
By Db
new york, NY
March 18, 2015
I used as teaser. Have to use small hook I prefer 2 gama bait holder..
it is productive if use with bucktail
By Andrew
West River, MD
Candy for White Perch
December 6, 2014
Chartreuse silver glittter and silver minnow...if you want to catch white perch by the bucket full in the Chesapeake region, these are deadly. Just find a pier, cast these along the pilings, and slowly jig them up and down. Always have a chance to get a striper or three as well, and have actually seen toadfish caught on these as well. Great ultralight fun!

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