Berkley PowerBait Power Switch

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With a design that has been purpose built for Forward Facing Sonar, the Berkley PowerBait Power Switch provides a heavy weight forward design for absolute precision and control. Anglers can control the rate of fall and keep the bait at the height they want in the water column, below, inline, or above fish to entice their engagement on the bait. The bait can then be worked as erratically or as slow as one desires to trigger that bite, with slow flickering action from its tail. Lifelike 3D eyes and the infused Powerbait Formula within its soft plastic material keeps fish biting and holding on scientifically proven 18 times longer. A razor-sharp premium Fusion-19 jighook sticks even the lightest takes, whether it be a bass, walleye, crappie, perch, panfish, or really any freshwater species out there. A wide range of sizes and colors through standard, HD Tru, and Holographic “Wizard” pattens match the hatch for baitfish across the country, delivering a competitive edge to dominate the day.

  • Purpose-built for forward facing sonar and ultimate angler control
  • Heavy, weight-forward design allows for precision casts and fast sinking
  • Control the fall rate or pause the fall with the new hovering technique
  • On retrieve, “switch” techniques and actions whenever and however you want
  • Packed with PowerBait flavor ensuring you have the chance to set the hook on every bite
  • Natural baitfish profile and 3D eyes
  • Pre-rigged with a high-quality, sharp Fusion-19 hook
  • Available in a range of sizes to accommodate all freshwater game species
  • Available in standard, HD Tru Color and holographic “wizard” colors!

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