Beulah Aero Head Spey Shooting Head Fly Line

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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The Beulah Aero Head is Beulah's version of a ?modern? mid belly spey shooting head. The new taper is designed to optimize distance by less stripping and shooting as with Scandinavian and Skagit shooting heads. Beulah Aero Head delivers arrow head shaped, high line speed loops that turn over positively at all distances. This is a mid belly shooting head which is another off-shoot from tradition. Similar to a Scandinavian line design, the power or weight is in the back of our new Aero Head (closest to running line) coupled with a short rear taper that keeps the caster directly connected to the feel and delivery of the line. The front taper is designed for tight loops, distance and turnover. There is no front loop specifically designed to optimize Aero Head flight and turn over! Beulah Aero Heads are designed for 9 ? 12? mono filament leaders to optimally balance out a line to rod system. These are excellent tapers and have some ability for light sinking leaders/sink tips with coupled with slightly larger, slightly heavier flies.

  • Available as head only w/o integrated front loop for cleanest loop formation and turn over at all distances
  • Condensed rear taper keeps the angler in contact at all times with our Spey Mid Length Aero Heads
  • Excellent taper design to carry tight loops long distances to cover all medium to large waterways
  • Brightly colored head for visibility to control/slow the line at long distances and low light conditions
  • Laser I.D. on all Beulah Aero Heads for quick line identification
  • Best used w/ 30lb butt section off the terminal end of the Beulah Aero Head

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