Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels

Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels

Re-engineered for 2020, the latest generation of Saltiga Spinning Reels feature Daiwa's single piece Monocoque Body and a 12% larger G1 Duralumin drive gear.

$999.99 - $1,099.99
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TD Code
Gear RatioLine Per Handle TurnBearingsMono Capacity
(lb Test/Yards)
Braid Capacity
(lb Test/Yards)
Max DragWeightPrice
5.8:143.7in2MBB, 4CRBB, 6BB, 1RB16/330
55lb23.1oz$999.99 USD
5.8:146.6in2MBB, 4CRBB, 6BB, 1RB20/330
55lb23.1oz$999.99 USD
6.2:152.9in2MBB, 4CRBB, 6BB, 1RB25/330
55lb23.5oz$999.99 USD
5.8:150.2in2MBB, 4CRBB, 6BB, 1RB35/330
66lb31.2oz$1,099.99 USD
5.8:156.6in2MBB, 4CRBB, 6BB, 1RB40/330
66lb31.4oz$1,099.99 USD

With the most advanced collection of features to date, the Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels usher in the new decade by setting a new standard for offshore spinning reel capability. Since its inception, the Saltiga series has redefined what spinning tackle is capable by enabling blue-water anglers to target the most massive pelagic species with confidence. With a completely re-engineered design, the newest generation of Saltiga Spinning Reels not only enhances power and performance, but also offers a brand new range of sizing to fit a variety of offshore techniques. At the core of the Saltiga's overhaul is the implementation of Daiwa's signature Monocoque body design seen previously in their flagship level inshore reels. This single piece body design is precision machined from high-strength aluminum to greatly increase strength and rigidity, while providing space to hold much larger internal gearing components. The Monocoque body also assists in preventing water intrusion by eliminating the use of screws to hold the body together. Housed within the single piece body is an all-new G1 Duralumin drive gear that boats a 12% diameter size increase over the drive gear found in the 2015 Saltiga, along with a thicker gear width, doubling the strength of its predecessor.

Offering truly unrivaled fish stopping power, Daiwa's engineers have redesigned the drag stack to achieve a drag that is ten times more durable than that of the 2015 iteration. By adding more drag washers and slightly decreasing their diameter, the workload is more evenly spread across the drag stack, allowing the drag to run incredibly smooth for a significantly longer time. A newly designed aluminum heat dissipating drag knob delivers improved cooling and heat dissipation, giving the angler a distinct advantage during long drawn out battles. When you add in the specially designed Advanced Tournament Drag grease and high density woven carbon washer material, you're looking at perhaps the most advanced drag system ever assembled. Casting and line management are also enhanced thanks to a newly designed Long Cast ABS Spool. A maximized core spool diameter and reversed taper make 100% of your line usable, eliminating the issue of "dead" line being buried at your spool's core. This is a particularly useful feature on a reel where you could very well need the vast majority of your spool's line to land a fish. With a slew of other proprietary Daiwa technologies such as a twice-as-strong Aluminum Air Rotor and a Magsealed line roller and ball-bearings, the Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels represent the pinnacle in saltwater spinning reel performance.

Daiwa Technology Found In 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels:

  • Monocoque Body - Monocoque Body refers to the use of a one-piece frame and reel body. A single piece body allows for exceptional strength and rigidity, better spatial efficiency for housing larger gears, improved water resistance with the absence of screws, and significant weight reduction.
  • ATD Drag - The Advanced Tournament Drag system uses a new proprietary grease that enables the reel to apply smooth and consistent start up drag pressure from the first pull, eliminating the stop and go pulling of drag that can result in broken lines and lost fish.
  • MagSeal - MagSeal is the process of using MagOil, a special liquid developed through space engineering, to create a water and dust resistant barrier. Unlike rubber seals, MagOil will not effect the rotational performance of a reel. This creates a seal that allows the reel to maintain a light and smooth rotation for optimal performance.
  • DigiGear - The all-new DigiGear is precision machine cut and polished. This results in unmatched efficiency, better transfer of energy, and maximum smoothness.
  • Air Rotor - The Air Rotor weighs up to 15% less than ordinary rotor designs. Its unique shape reduces unnecessary weight while distributing stress more evenly throughout the rotor for maximum strength.
  • Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings - Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings boast a lifespan up to 12 times longer than traditional stainless steel bearings.
5 Stars based on 14 reviews
By Tony
Navarre, FL
Absolutely amazing!!
May 21, 2021
This reel is a piece of art, like an Italian sports car, but truly a beast. The 10000 handles 50lb AJ's like know other spinning reel I a have used. I can only compare it to older Stellas that I own. It exceeds them in every way.
By Travis
Naples, FL
Daiwa Saltiga 18000H
May 10, 2021
So i own the 10k 14k and now the 18k. These are fantastic reels and the quality is insane! If you are on the fence about the new 2020 Saltiga’s i would say do not hesitate. Yes they are expensive but i feel like they will last a really long time if you take care of them properly. I love Shimano and i own a few but at this point i am a Daiwa super fan !!!!
ProsBuild quality, appearance, stout strength with no flex in the components. These reels will pull up anything you can get on your hook from the deep !!
ConsI wish the price were a little less as everyone says that but i believe you get what you pay for plus the get and incredible warranty which no one seems to talk about. Free servicing and cleaning after 5 years !!!!
By Travis
Naples, FL
Daiwa Saltiga 10000H
March 26, 2021
All i can say is WOW! Absolutely a solid incredible built reel. So smooth and powerful, you could pull a car off the ocean floor hahaha. Not to mention how good looking it is. I purchased a 14K also and have them paired on Zenaq Tobizo rods ! If you are in the market and on the fence i would say go for it !!
ProsLooks Powerful over built like a tank Warranty
ConsZero, i would say price and maybe so but i feel in this case you get what you pay for and i feel they will last a life time if you take care of them!
By Vinny
Mid Atlantic
February 23, 2021
Absolute butter
ProsSmooth and strong
By Claudio
Best of the best
September 10, 2020
Finally 2020 Saltiga best of the best fishing reel I love this size 14000 perfect for 50 lb braid .
ProsSuper drag smooth beautiful reel highly recommended
By Claudio
Sarasota, FL
Work horse reel
August 8, 2020
Like the high ratio very fast perfect for popping
ProsAll about
By Stelton
Amarillo, TX
Saltiga 14000XH
May 18, 2020
I bought this model for the higher gear ratio for throwing large top waters and big swimbaits. This is my go to reel for tarpon fishing from the jetty. Amazingly strong and smooth.
ProsHigher gear ratio. Good line capacity. Looks absolutely beautiful.
By Kevin
Bayamon, PR
Better than the Stella
May 13, 2020
This is a great reel that holds more line than the same size stella, has more drag, and has a heavenly sounding clicker. It is the obvious choice when buying a super spinner.
By Vaera T.
Better than Stella
December 19, 2019
Best spinners on the market. Out performs the Stellas in my opinion... it holds more line, more drag, and feels smoother than any Stella of comparable size. No loose parts or play on these reels unlike the Stellas
By Kenny
November 18, 2019
The saltigas are just something else phew. The sealing on the saltiga lines are really good. For the money this thing will keep putting a smile on your face everytime you’re reeling and when you’re hooked up
By Scott
Diawa saltiga is a best buy
July 6, 2017
Honestly I own a Diawa Isla 5000h and now the saltiga 5000h and both reels have out matched my expectations by far these reels are my go-to for "killing fish" the smoothness and shear power of these reels are unmatched and in my opinion out do Shimano Stella's of the same size
By militaryflip
Build like a tank
January 5, 2017
Truly powerful it dead lift 50 pounds and it had a little bit more turn left but I didn't want to push it.
By Eugenia
Pozzuoli, Italy
Worth every penny
May 20, 2015
It is well worth every penny. It is powerful and great for all species of fish. It is very very smooth and it it has Magseal and it can get wet.
By Drew
Very expensive
April 23, 2015
This reel is crazy expensive, but provides good quality for the money.
19 Questions & 19 Answers
Wayne Palinckx
from Denver, Co asked:
April 14, 2019
I'm purchasing the Diawa Saltiga 5000H. I'd like to purchase a rod as well. I'm wanting a beach rod that I can throw 2-6oz lures with. 

what do you suggest in the 10-11' range?

1 Answer
The St.Croix mojo surf model MSS106MHMF2 would be a perfect rod for you.
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 17, 2019

Mitchell Mcconnell
from Edisto Beach, SC asked:
December 26, 2018
Would the ocea flex limited 8'0" medium be a good fit for the 4000H saltiga for a light tarpon and cobia setup? and how much 50lbs maxcuatro power pro braid can I fit on the spool?
1 Answer
They would pair up well and you would get roughly 350 yards of 50lb on there
Submitted by: Bernie on January 4, 2019

from FXBG, Va asked:
November 15, 2018
What rodnwould you recommend pairing with the Saltiga 5000? I'm looking to use it for popping and throwing bucktails and stickbaits and 2-3oz swim shads from a boat.
1 Answer
The 7' 10" OTI Tuna Sniper 2 would match up well with the Saltiga 5000
Submitted by: Bernie on November 15, 2018

from Washington asked:
September 9, 2018
Does the 4000 come in a high speed version if so what is it called and do you have it available
1 Answer
The 4000 only comes in the 5.7:1 gear ratio
Submitted by: Bernie on September 10, 2018

from Feeding Hills, Ma asked:
January 28, 2018
Is the saltiga made in Japan?
1 Answer
Hello Ernie, the country of origin for the Saltiga is Japan.
Submitted by: Bernie on January 29, 2018

Billy Robinson
from Dorchester New Jersey asked:
December 4, 2017
Hi yes I have two questions about the dogfight 8000. Question 1. Is what are The internal drive gears made of are they stainless or brass or something else? Question 2. Is how many yards of 100 pound PowerPro Maxcuatro braid can you put on the reel ?
1 Answer
Hello Billy, The internal gears are aluminium/bronze alloy (usually coupled with a stainless steel pinion) as far as how much line would fit on the reel that would depend on what model.
Submitted by: Bernie on December 8, 2017

Simon Green
from CA asked:
May 25, 2021
I'm planning on using this mainly for yellowtail and occasionally for blue fin tuna. Would you recommend the 14000 or the 20000?
1 Answer
I would actually recommend the Daiwa SALTIGA18000H this gives you plenty of line for both tuna species and the drag to put pressure on the fish.
Submitted by: Paul Olah on May 25, 2021

Elliot Bryant
from Roselle nj asked:
April 15, 2021
Can the 18000 h be used for jigging and what rod would you recommend for top water lures?
1 Answer
Yes, the 18K can be used for jigging and would be a good choice for yellowfin/bluefin. As far as rods go, take a look at the Ocean Tackle International OTI-TS286080 TS2 Popping Rod. This would be a good fit for throwing topwater plugs and stickbaits as well.


Submitted by: Austin - TackleDirect Customer Service on May 6, 2021

from TX asked:
February 16, 2021

I planing to buy 20 Reel size for tuna fish in the Meddrenian sea

Whats ur recomadition for tought and strong rod to complete my fishing combo

1 Answer
I would go with the Black Hole Cow Special II 75 Popping Rod.


Submitted by: Austin Kearney on February 17, 2021

Nilo Cabasag
from Sunnyvale,CA asked:
February 15, 2021
Is this made in Japanor China?
1 Answer
The Saltigas are made in Japan.
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on February 16, 2021

from Fiji asked:
November 21, 2020
I plan to purchase the 14000xh reel and is it possible to get this spooled with a braid line and if you can also recommend the appropriate rod. Will be used mainly for casting.

1 Answer
Yes we can spool reels in store before your order ships. We would just ask you to add your choice or braided line you wish to have spooled, and simply ask to havethe line spooled  to the reel in the customer comments during check out.

As for the rod i would recommend looking into Popping rods such as the Daiwa Proteus Popping rods or OTI Ts2.

Submitted by: Alex T on November 25, 2020

from Pawnee, Indiana asked:
October 20, 2020
Does the 2020 Saltiga come with the required tool to open up the gearbox?
1 Answer
I don't believe any tools are included with this reel
Submitted by: Alex T on October 23, 2020

from California asked:
April 12, 2020
I was looking at the Daiwa Saltiga 8000H.  Would this reel handle surf fishing for stripers?  Would possible sand or waves damage the reel?  Not going to be dunking the reel in the saltwater while surf fishing. 
1 Answer
It would work but is designed for offshore use. You may want something lighter and saltwater resistant like a Van Staal  or a Tsunami Salt X. Both reels are designed for surf fishing and typically used for stripers and bluefish. 
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on April 13, 2020

from Oahu Hi asked:
January 17, 2020
Will they come out with a 4000 model or 3500
1 Answer
Hello, As of now these are the only sizes coming out. 
Submitted by: Tyler Bennett on January 17, 2020

from FXBG Va asked:
November 10, 2018
What rod would you recommend to pair the 8000 Dogfight with? Looking at it for throwing bucktails & eels at cobia but also poppers for tuna and such.
1 Answer
I would recommend using the Black Hole 76N Cape Cod Special Popping Rod - Nano
Submitted by: Ricky on November 12, 2018

from Houston asked:
January 29, 2017
Is the reel fully sealed? Vince
1 Answer
The Saltiga spinning reels have three "magsealed" bearings using Daiwa's magnetic oil system. The drive gear is also sealed on both sides using this system. The rotor bearing and line roller are both sealed as well. This reel is not designed to be fully submerged while fishing with it, however it can certainly handle an accidental dunk or significant spray while sitting on the gunnel without affecting performance.
Submitted by: Devon on January 31, 2017

from San Francisco asked:
October 23, 2015
What's the different between saltiga8000f and saltiga8000hdf?
1 Answer
The Saltiga 8000HDF is the higher speed version. It has a higher gear ratio, meaning it will take in more line per crank than the Saltiga 8000f.
Submitted by: David on October 23, 2015

from Chicago illinois asked:
July 4, 2015
The retrieval of the line of the model saltiga5000 how much inch per crank?
1 Answer
According to the Daiwa website the line retrieval is 47.6" per crank.
Submitted by: David on July 6, 2015

from Chicago illinois asked:
July 3, 2015
Is this the new saltiga expedition? And how much is the max drag of this reel in kilos in saltiga5000 and its line inch per crank?
1 Answer
The saltiga expedition is a reel that is really only available in Japan as far as our information tells us. The drag weight in kg ranges from 4.5kg to 13.6kg depending on what model that you choose.
Submitted by: David on July 3, 2015


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