Diamond Braid Generation III X9 Braided Line

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With a revolutionary 9-carrier construction, Diamond Braid Generation III X9 Braided Line enhances braided line performance thanks to industry leading manufacturing processes. Diamond Braid X9 features a centrally located spectra fiber in which the additional 8 carriers are weaved around. This unique braiding process creates a much rounder profile and eliminates flattening of the braid, which allows for heightened castability, more effective line management, and enhanced abrasion resistance. Featuring a new color lock technology, Gen 3 X9 Diamond Braid resists color fading and bleeding, and is guaranteed to maintain its color longer than the competition. Available in a wide range of tensile strengths and colors, Diamond Braid Gen 3 X9 is perfect for any braided line fishing application including casting on light spinning gear, bottom fishing over structure, deep dropping, inshore and offshore trolling, and much more.