Discount Marine Products

You may have heard the old wisecrack that BOAT stands for "break out another thousand." Whether you putter about in a small skiff on a lake or run a big convertible offshore in the ocean, you know that the costs of boating can add up. Fortunately, TackleDirect offers you a way to keep the pleasure in pleasure boating without losing your shirt. The discount marine and boating products available in our Clearance Canyon provide you a big selection of quality products at low prices.

Our selection includes just about everything you need to keep your boat clean and shipshape while also keeping you and your boatmates safe and happy. You'll find fishfinders to help you find where the big ones are lurking as well as rescue beacons to protect you and your passengers in the event of an emergency.

For protecting your boat, we offer boat waxes and polishes at amazingly low prices. You'll also find useful marine hardware, from siding nails to rod holders, as well as products just for fun, like waterproof ear buds.