$75 eGift Certificates - Online Use Only

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eGift Certificates are Sent via e-mail.

*Please note: We highly recommend sending TackleDirect eGift Certificates to your own email address, then 'forwarding' it on to the recipient. A lot of folks, now have SPAM blocks, that may not recognize TackleDirect, and may filter out our email. Remember, please add the e-mail address (sales@tackledirect.com) to your address book or spam blocking client. This will help insure you promptly receive your TackleDirect eGift Certificate.

The perfect gift for the person that loves fishing or wants to get started and you have no idea what to get them.

As you check out, simply enter the recipient's e-mail address in the box provided (or your e-mail address and you can forward it), type your personal greeting in the gift message box, and you're done! What could be faster or easier?

Here's how the recipient uses the gift certificate:

  1. Recipient visits TackleDirect.com
  2. Recipient can browse or search for items they want to buy.
  3. Once they've selected their gift, they click on checkout.
  4. On the Shipping Form, they will see a field that says "Gift Certificate".
  5. If the recipient has enough funds on the gift certificate to cover the cost of their order they won't be required to enter any credit card information.
  6. If the recipient does not have enough funds on the gift certificate to cover the entire order, they will be required to pay the remaining balance with another form of payment.

A Gift Certificate Code along with all the instructions necessary in order to redeem the gift certificate will be emailed to recipient immediately. eGift Certificates are good for one year from date of issue.

Because this is an all-electronic program, you will incur no shipping charges.

The TackleDirect eGift Certificate is a plain text email that contains the required eGift Certificate Code. If you would like to present your gift in person, TackleDirect provides two eGift templates to give to your gift recipient, rather than giving a plain text email alone. Please note: The eGift Certificate Code is found only in the eGift Certificate email.

Click here to view/print an eGift Certificate Printable Template:

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