Tying Supplies

Whether you are just starting out in the fine art of fly tying or are an old hand at this fun and productive hobby, TackleDirect can make it easier for you. Our fly-tying tools and supplies have been designed by fly fishermen for fly fishermen to enable you to tie your best flies with the least hassle.

Our fly-tying supplies come from leading names in the field, such as Umpqua and Raymond Rumpf, so you know you will be getting quality materials. The tools we carry range from fly-tying essentials, like pedestal vises, to hair stackers and spinning hackle pliers that will make your time at the vise that much easier and will give each of your flies a professional look that will be as pleasing to humans as to fish.

In addition to tools, we carry all the necessary chemicals for your fly-tying work bench. We have bug float that will keep your dry flies afloat and looking natural. You'll also find head cement here. It's handy not just for fly tying but for making small repairs to bucktails and jig heads. Some folks even use it to strengthen knots.