Fly Fishing Rods

Whether you're looking for a freshwater fly rod to stalk trout, bass or panfish, a saltwater fly rod to chase false albacore, stripers or tarpon, or a spey rod to cast to salmon and steelhead, you'll find what you need at TackleDirect. We carry a big selection of freshwater, saltwater and spey fly fishing rods in many sizes and styles. Leading names in the industry such as Beulah, G Loomis, Sage, and St. Croix are among the manufacturers of quality fly rods we carry.

Many factors will go into which fly rod is right for an angler. One big consideration is action. That simply translates into how easily a fly rod will bend.

Rods with fast action bend the least, imparting most of the action at the tip. They can provide long casts and are good for casting in high winds, which makes them particularly suitable for saltwater fishing and other environments where wind is often a factor. These rods are tougher for beginners to master, however.

At the other end of the spectrum are slow-action fly rods. These have a great deal of flex. They are easy to cast and a good choice for beginners learning the art of casting a fly. They're particularly appropriate for small trout streams where a careful presentation is crucial. For an all-around rod, however, it's hard to beat medium-action fly rods. They offer an accommodating middle ground between fast and slow.

TackleDirect carries fly rods with actions including moderate, moderate-fast, fast and X-fast, so you can find a rod with exactly the right action to suit your casting style and action preference. We carry fly rods with lengths ranging from 6' to 7' 6". You'll find one-piece rods here as well as two-piece fly rods that are easy to take down for carrying in cars and trucks. Frequently flying anglers should check out our four-piece fly rods.