Freshwater Lures

Dangling a worm or hooking a shiner through the lips are solid basic techniques in freshwater fishing. But there's nothing like the sharp strike of an aggressive bass, trout or walleye walloping an artificial lure you're retrieving to send some high-voltage electricity surging up your spine into your cerebral cortex.

Lures put the angle in angling, giving you, the angler, a real sense of having completely fooled the fish. Instead of just dropping bait and hoping a big catch comes along, using the right lures for fishing draws the lunkers.

Freshwater lure fishing adds a new dimension to every adventure. Sometimes freshwater lures are the only thing that will coax a wily old bucketmouth or wise old brown trout into striking.

At TackleDirect, we carry a huge selection of freshwater fishing lures, spoons, spinners and plugs. Our humungous freshwater lure collection has it all, from micro crankbaits to swimbait fishing lures and just about any other types of freshwater fishing baits you can think of.

Designed to catch fish rather than fishermen, these freshwater lures will increase your success whether you're fishing on lakes, ponds, rivers or creeks. You'll find hundreds of freshwater lures in all sizes, colors and actions to mimic the baitfish your prey craves so they can't help but strike.

We feature old favorites from famous fishing companies like Berkley and Rapala as well as exciting new choices from freshwater lure manufacturers like Megabass, Zoom Baits, Damiki and Keitech. If you live to see a largemouth explode on your topwater from underneath a clump of lily pads, you'll have plenty of options, such as the tried-and-true Arbogast Hula Popper or the versatile new Spro BBZ-1 Rat. We also carry lots of hard-plastic baits and crankbaits for working down deeper.

If you're looking for a freshwater lure that will catch just about any species that swims, consider one of our many spoons, spinners or jigs. These freshwater fish lures come from top manufacturers like Acme, Mepps, Blue Fox and Z-Man. Team up one of the lead-head jigs we carry with a soft-tail plastic and get set for some explosive action. Or use either one alone for hot action with just about any freshwater species you can think of, from crappie to northern pike.

Freshwater fish attractants can add a little flavor to your lures and make a decisive difference with fussy fish. On a lure's hook or body, these attractants can trigger strikes when nothing else will by appealing to a fish's keen sense of smell.

Never head to the water without a set of high-quality freshwater lures. As a family-owned and operated business, we will make sure you get the right fishing gear - even if that means you need our no-hassle returns and exchanges. Call or email us if you have questions or want more information about any of our products or policies.