Freshwater Monofilament Leader

At TackleDirect, we believe in free choice. Monofilament, braided and fluorocarbon fishing lines all have their pros and cons. But no matter what type of fishing line you spool up with, it's wise to attach the end of it to a monofilament leader. Practically invisible in the water, monofilament can fool suspicious fish as they check out your lure or bait and decide whether to bite it. That's why we offer quality freshwater and saltwater monofilament leaders in a variety of strengths. Whatever kind of fishing you do, whether in lakes, streams, bays, rivers or oceans, you will find the right leader material for it here.

In addition to its low visibility, monofilament is stretchier than most other line materials. Thus it has more give and is less likely to pull a hook from fish with soft mouths. The mono leaders we carry also boast high abrasion resistance. That helps them stand up to the wear and tear of fishing around structure like pilings, rocks and oyster beds as well as ' you hope ' fishes' mouths.

TackleDirect carries mono leaders from leading manufacturers such as Airflo and Hi-Seas. We have mono leaders suitable for bottom fishing, baitcasting, spinning and trolling as well as for fly fishing.