Gamakatsu Saltwater Terminal Tackle

Using only high-grade carbon steel and special tempering and sharpening techniques that create strength and sharpness, Gamakatsu became the biggest seller of hooks in the very demanding Japanese market. Since then, many American professional and amateur anglers have caught on to the value of these hooks. TackleDirect carries a selection of premium Gamakatsu saltwater hooks, jigs and mooching rigs that will help you hook and hold fish better.

You'll find all the most popular types of hooks here, including J-hooks, octopus hooks and bait-holder hooks. We also have Gamakatsu treble hooks and snelled hooks.

If you're looking for an effective variation on a classic design, check out our Gamakatsu jigs. Available in several weights, these jigs are suitable for freshwater or inshore saltwater fishing. They come with optional brush guards for weedless fishing. Each jig has an upward-slanting face that makes it easier to work it along the bottom without hanging up. Of course, each jig includes a super-sharp, super-strong hook.

If you target salmon, stripers and other big coastal fish with herring, anchovies or other natural baits, Gamakatsu mooching rigs are rigged with hooks and leaders and ready to go.