Garmin GMR 24 xHD3 24in Dome Radar

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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Loaded with advanced features typically found on open arrays, this powerful 24'' dome radar offers superior traffic, obstacle, and weather detection for peace of mind on the water.


  • 4 KW power output, 48 nautical mile max range
  • Scan-averaging technology
  • Improved target-size processing
  • Split-screen dual-range display
  • Bird detection
  • Quiet dome-drive motor

Scan Averaging Technology

A first for Garmin magnetron radar, scan averaging helps filter out sea clutter and interference to enhance the detection and display of consistent targets.

Angular Target-Size Adjustment

Pulse expansion and angular target-size processing techniques optimize on-screen object shapes for better interpretation at all range scales.

Faster Scanning Antenna

Rotation speeds up to 60 rpm improve the redraw rate for faster target updates.

True Echo Trails

A historical ''trail'' of boats on the water is displayed on the screen, removing relative motion influences to help you quickly identify moving targets and potential collision threats.

Dual Range with Overlay

A single radar antenna is capable of providing split-screen, side-by-side images on your compatible chartplotter, with independent range settings and controls for both close and long range. Overlay either or both ranges on a chart.

Dynamic Auto Gain

Gain automatically adjusts levels to optimum settings for harbors, near shore, and offshore in open waters.

Radar Overlay

See overlaid images on your chartplotter's map screen (with appropriate sensors, sold separately).

High-Resolution Radar

Pick out targets at a distance thanks to a narrow horizontal beamwidth and high antenna gain.

Dual-Radar Support

This provides redundancy and allows each display unit to pull data from different sources.

Dynamic Sea Filter

Radar gain automatically adjusts sea clutter for calm, medium, and rough sea conditions.

Auto Bird Gain

Locate flocks of birds at the water’s surface, where baitfish are also likely to be found.

MARPA Target Tracking

Track up to 30 targets to help avoid collisions (with appropriate sensors, sold separately).

Guard Zone

Set the safety zone and receive an alarm when an object enters the zone.

Range and Bearing Cues

Variable range markers and electronic bearing lines allow rapid measurements of distance and bearing to vessels and land.

In the Box:

  • GMR 24 xHD3 dome radar
  • Power cable (15 m/49.21 ft)
  • Network cable (15 m/49.21 ft)
  • Mounting hardware kit and template
  • Installation instructions


  • Dimensions: 24'' x 9.8'' (64.5 cm x 24.9 cm)
  • Weight: 7.0 kg
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Antenna length: 17'' (43 cm)
  • Rotation Speed (RPM): Up to 60 RPM, depending on settings
  • Beam Width: 3.7 degrees horizontal, 25 degrees vertical
  • Maximum Range: 48 nm
  • Minimum Range: 20 meters
  • Radar Type: Radome

Electrical Features:

  • Power Input: 11-32 v DC
  • Power Consumption (Standby): 15 W
  • Typical Power Consumption, Transmitting (Normal Mode): 40 W
  • Transmit Power: 4 KW

Radar Features:

  • Dual Range: Yes
  • Overlay: Yes
  • Dual Radar Support: Yes
  • Auto Bird Gain: Yes
  • Auto Gain: Dynamic
  • MARPA Target Tracking: Yes (requires heading sensor, sold separately)
  • Echo Trails: True
  • Target Size: Yes
  • Scan Averaging: Yes

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