JYG PRO Fishing Semy Slow Pitch Jigs - 130g

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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Set to the task of functioning in the deep dark depths below, the JYG PRO Fishing Semy Slow Pitch Jigs are well suited for depths of 100 to 2000 feet. The model range consists of sizes between 130 and 1030 grams, allowing you as the angler to fine tune and develop your presentation. Heavier models will certainly reach depths at a faster rate, as well as being able to withstand more intense currents. Lighter models will be the ticket to slow down or work shallower waters. This jigs profiles offers a low resistance, rapid sinking approach. Anglers can reach their desired depth quickly to maximize time in the strike zone and sometimes go after species such as tuna that are marked on electronics. Its low resistance is also easy to work physically all day, as it doesn't drag in water. It has a symmetrical design that balances it for a stable presentation in water, ensuring a more natural presentation with more subtle movements. This is great for the more opportunistic feeders looking for an easy meal, or those that might be a little bit wearier to engage.

A super strong through wiring design withstands the torque large fish can impose along with improving overall longevity. Anglers who rig their jigs on both its face and tail side will certainly appreciate this along with those who work more intense structure that occasionally become snagged. Many fish species will also twist and turn with their attempts to shake it free, which this jig readily withstands. For the angler looking for a thinner profile to match the hatch or those who need to get down deep in steeper currents, the Semy Slow Pitch Jigs from JYG PRO Fishing are a must have. These jigs suit themselves well on long range boats, just as they are in more inshore waters.

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