Lithium Pros M3140-36 Lithium Powerpack Trolling Battery - 38.4V/40 Ah (Trolling/Deep cycle)

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If you are looking for a lightweight battery to power a 36V DC trolling motor, the Lithium Pros M3140-36 Lithium Powerpack Trolling Battery is the perfect choice. At only 29 lbs, it is hard to believe that ONE battery can do what THREE Optima 34M batteries can but that is exactly what the M3140-36 can do.

Lithium Pros M3140-36 Lithium Powerpack Trolling Battery Features:

  • 92 minutes of reserve capacity
  • Flat discharge curve means that the battery will remain strong all day
  • Fully sealed
  • Integrated BMS-low voltage, high voltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection
  • Only 30 lbs
  • Troll with only ONE 36V battery

This is the 36V 40Ah Trolling Battery that can replace THREE Group 27 marine batteries.* At only 30.3 lbs, it is hard to believe that ONE battery can do what three group 27 marine batteries* but anglers have been seeing it for themselves for years with Lithium Pros.

In a flats boats and other shallow water fishing boats where weight is a premium, this is a fast and efficient way to take 125 lbs* out of the boat and have more storage space. A lighter boat is faster and more fuel efficient and can get into more places. Catch fish where your competitors can't.

This 36V 40Ah Trolling Battery features 92 reserve minutes, or enough power for extended trolling in one area for up to nine hours.** In addition to that capacity, a on-board DC charger (sold separately) can automatically recharges the trolling battery from the outboard engine's charging system if your boat is so equipped.

Imagine being able to troll all day long with only one battery! This 36V 40Ah Trolling Battery is the same physical size as a typical group 31 battery, so it fits in most marine battery trays. (13"L x 6.81" W x 8.43" T) Installation is a snap and you are ready to go with a Lithium Pros battery that is "strong all day long."

NOTE: Effective 8/1/2016, M3140-36 batteries no longer ship with a 12V e-Start post.

* Group 27 marine battery assumed to be 160RC and 53 lbs.

** Assumes 50% setting on a Minn Kota motor and 50% duty cycle (usage) on the motor. Higher settings or a higher duty cycle (more usage, such as in wind or water current) will reduce this time.

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