Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics and Accessories:

If you're a serious saltwater fisherman, good marine electronics are a must. The right marine electronics will make the ocean smaller, safer and more understandable. With the correct electronic equipment, you'll be able to find and catch more fish. You'll also make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable. At TackleDirect, we offer a huge selection of marine electronics and accessories. We have products from well-known names in the industry like Simrad, Shakespeare and Lowrance. But we also carry newer names like Whoosh and MeasureIt. In our fast-changing world of ever-improving technology, you can count on getting the latest and best from TackleDirect.

Communication Devices:

Good communication is crucial on the water. In an emergency, you can get quick help with the right communications gear. But many anglers also depend on VHF radios, satellite phones and other communications devices to get the latest fishing updates. Some just want to chat with friends or family. At TackleDirect, we offer communications devices from leading names in the industry like DeLorme and GlobalStar.

Digital Maps, GPS, Sonar and Fish-Finders:

Almost as important as finding your way home is finding the fish that brought you out to sea in the first place. At TackleDirect, we have the latest digital maps, GPS, sonar and fish finders that will put you on fish and keep you there. You could use viewing goggles, we suppose, but good sonar and fish finder makes the chase exponentially easier. These devices will also help you steam home safely in even the foulest conditions. Choose from industry leaders like Garmin, Lowrance, Navionics and many more.

Boating Accessories:

TackleDirect has all the boating accessories to help make your precious time on the water as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Here you'll find everything from practical safety equipment like electric horns to marine stereo systems that add that extra dash of fun on the water or at the dock. We also have lots of GoPro cameras and accessories to record your good times.

Lighting Equipment:

Whether you're fishing overnight in the canyons, trying to scare up some snook at night or boosting safety and security on your boat, good lighting is crucial. TackleDirect has all the lighting equipment you need to brighten your fishing days and nights. Many of these lights feature energy-saving LEDs.