Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rods

Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rods

Price: $199.99
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TD Code
DescriptionLengthPowerTaperMono. Line WeightBraid Line WeightLure Weight# of GuidesPrice
Nomad Travel Surf Rod9'0''
4 pcs.
MMF10-25 lbs.20-40 lbs.3/4 - 2 oz.6 + Tip$199.99 USD
Nomad Travel Surf Rod10'0''
4 pcs.
MHMF15-30 lbs.30-50 lbs.1 - 4 oz.7 + Tip$199.99 USD
Nomad Travel Surf Rod10'0''
4 pcs.
HMF17-40 lbs.30-65 lbs.2 - 6 oz.7 + Tip$199.99 USD
Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rods have a 4-piece construction for transportability, but utilize a European spigot ferrule connection that offers the feel of a 1-piece rod.

Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod Features:

  • All Nomad Surf rods feature 4-piece construction for easy transportation
  • OC-9 Technology: Durable graphite rod blank with carbon outer wrap
  • Fuji Alconite guide inserts. Compatible for braided line
  • Fuji K-concept guide frames for reduced wind knots with braided line
  • Fuji DPS reel seat on all surf models for reduced weight
  • European spigot ferrule connection: Offers feel of a 1-pcs rod
  • Shrink tube foregrip and rear grips for maximum durability
  • Foregrip length: 7-1/4''
  • Reargrip length: 19''
  • Protective hard PVC tube for maximum protection on Surf rods
4 Stars based on 16 reviews
By Hama
Solid performance
April 24, 2019
Ordered the 10' heavy action rod for trip to Cabo. Case was too big for my suitcase, but carried it on. Also able to fit a 4 piece, lighter action spinning rod inside case. Cast 2.5-5oz topwater plugs, 2-2.5oz metal, 2.5oz plastics with good distance. Tested at a football field before the trip with a 3oz bank sinker, and was reaching between 110-117 yds consistently. Matched with a Shimano Ultegra XTD 5500 with 30lb braid. Although it's tough casting big plugs and screaming them back to shore all day, this rod was up to the challenge and light enough not to wear you out. Now, I'd like to see if I can get just the top 2 sections and save some $ and have 2 rods, H and MH.
ProsRod is built well and looks really nice. No line tangles.
ConsYou need a suitcase or bag at least 26" long inside
By Blind A.
April 13, 2020
Sweet rod
Bought it for traveling by train and bus. Yes, I said bus. Due to an eye disease, I can no longer drive. Sooo.... I have been refitting my equipment for travel compatibility and ease of use. This rod does both. compact and light enough to carry anywhere without being up in someones Kool-Aid, it stows well, even on the bus.
The ferule design is tight and easy to assemble, perfect for the sight impaired as it allows you to feel the connections at each segment.
I was hesitant to purchase it due to the price. This is definitely a luxury investment for those of us on a fixed income. This is not the most expensive travel rod out there, but it is
competitively priced.
Any rod will due the job, and brother there are a LOT of rods out there. It just turns out that this one works for me.
Gave it 4 stars, was disappointed with the case design. NOT very user friendly! A better case would be advisable.
ProsTravel ready Tight ferule connections Sensitivity Bonus A good choice for the visually impaired.
ConsCase is weak, rod has to go in just right was expecting something more like the Nomad Express case design. Which I have and use for inshore.
By trevor
April 2, 2019
I bought the rod to take with me to Cabo to avoid the airline fees which are over the top. I have yet to use the rod but will provide feedback once I have. Shipping was quick and easy,
By mario
Staten Island, NY
Good travel surf rod
March 21, 2019
I like everything about the rod, but the action is stiffer than the Med Fast that it claims to be. It can be a bit broom sticky
By Newbie c.
Greeenwich, CT
5 guides + tip not 7 + tip (NTS-S-1004H)
September 21, 2018
I have a PhD in math so I know the difference!
By chau
worcester, Massachusetts
Nice rod
August 16, 2018
I didn't go to use it but it look realy nice and strong
By Christopher
Gets the job done
May 15, 2018
Got this rod for Christmas to do some fishing when on vacation and to keep in my trunk when I€™m on the go and have some time to sneak in some jetty time .....Was a little disappointed that the 1-4 lure rating isn€™t accurate I think this rod tops out at 2oz .. 2-1/2 on a side cast but other than that I landed a fair amount of blue fish and a couple 30lb stripers so it does the job
By James W.
Chicago, Illinois
Broke in half after two trips. Defective rod and the Okuma Warranty is garbage.
February 7, 2018
I bought two NTS-S-1004H to bring with on a trip to Baha used them off the beach and never caught a fish with them. Next trip was to the Florida Gulf side. Caught a few Bonita in the 10lb class. One of the rods performed flawlessly and the other snapped in half where section 2 and 3 come together while reeling the fish in. We ended up holding both sections and were able to boat the fish but the ease at which the rod broke was pathetic. I contacted Okuma and they want $25 plus freight to them to repair a rod that literally broke in half reeling in the very first small fish caught on it. The email I received Kevin at Okuma is as follows. Jim,
UPS and Fedex are always raising the shipping fees. If you do not want to do the standard warranty that is fine, You can do our accel program and just send us the model section cut out of your rod(4-6inch piece) and a check for $50 and that covers the rod and the return shipping and handling and you will get a new rod back.
So rather than trying to appease a customer that has quite a bit of Okuma tackle they are saying they don't care really at all.
I have always been happy with Tackle direct but it will be a long time before I by an Okuma product again.

Merchant Response:Rods can make, but atleast they have a warranty. Paying return shipping fee and paying the shipping to get to them is standard..to be fair to Okuma.
ConsUnbelievably fragile with very poor customer service from the manufacturer.
By Francois
Quebec, canada - fish the Caribbeans and Central A
NTS 1004 MH too soft
August 17, 2017
I purchased the rod in MH power, but although its rated 1-4oz by Okuma, I really do feel that rod is way over rated. In fact, I believe the sweet spot is at 1-1.5oz, and I feel the rod cannot cast more than 2.5oz properly. On an easy side cast, yes, but on an over head powerful cast, the rod does not handle the weight.
Very disappointed since I planned on casting stickbaits and poppers in the 45-75grm! I would advised getting the Heavy one instead.

Otherwise, the look and the feet are great! Love that bleu colour.
ConsWas too soft and overrated for power.
By Diego
San Jos?©
Really nice and convenient
June 2, 2017
Love it. It has all the qualities of a one piece surf rod and the convenience of a travel size. Yes you could argue many conveniences of a one or two piece rod... but those two are difficult to carry around.

All in all... love it.
ProsTravel size, travel case, aesthetics, sensitivity, rod length
ConsNone that I can think of.
By Michael
Okuma travel surf rod- 10 ft.
May 6, 2017
I bought this travel rod to fish at the lakes in Arizona. I use saltwater techniques and have been successful. It handles well and I can't wait to use it on the beaches of California.
ProsEasy to assemble and take down. Compact size is perfect for any size vehicle or backpack.
ConsThe carrying tube doesn't have a shoulder strap. But for the price and quality I can live with it
By eric
April 27, 2017
game changer
By Craig
Monterey, CA
terrific travel rod
February 16, 2017
I got the is for a recent trip to Tobago. Top flight performance and packability, with zero compromise. Best fish was a 31" False Albacore of the jagged rocks of Mt. Irvine Bay. Plenty of backbone for the 30lb braid, and a reasonably soft tip for working light plugs.

Despite the surf rod layout, I think it'll make a great salmon rod for rivers in the NW as well.
By Anthony
New Jersey
Looks solid
December 19, 2016
Travel surf rod for the Caribbean and keeping in the back of my car.
ProsSeems solid when assembled.
By Ervin W.
Best Travel Surf Rod Hands Down !!! Cast better than my other High-end Surf Rods!!!
November 30, 2016
The Okuma Nomad Travel Surf NTS-S-1004H is probable the best rod I own and my favorite to take everywhere from beach vacations to bank fishing at the lake. I have other Hi-end Rods to include Shimano Terez Boat rod, St. Croix Premier casting rod, G.Loomis Escape travel rod, Okuma Nomad Boat travel rod, and I have 2 other Surf rods to include a 10â‚"6â‚ St. Croix Mojo Surf, and a Custom 12â‚"8â‚ Carolina Pro Series by Tommy Farmer. My main long cast reel is a Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag ST and when mated to the Okuma NTS-S-100H I can pendulum cast a 5oz. sinker on average between 125-134 yards with minimum effort. The Okuma is super lightweight and very easy to cast equal or further than my 12â‚"8â‚ CPS. I highly recommend this rod and I also recommend the Heavy which is comparable to and lighter than my Medium-Heavy St. Croix Mojo Surf. I almost made the mistake of ordering the 1004MH Medium Heavy which would have been too light for a 5 oz sinker. I think Okuma rates the rod load based on performance test because this Rod outcast my Mojo by 10 yards even though the rod tip looks like itâ‚"s on the edge of being overloaded. For the longest time Iâ‚"ve been wanting to buy this Okuma rod but recently decided to buy the new Diawa Ardito 1105MHFS-TR 5-piece travel Rod to match up with my Diawa 7HT Mag ST but after waiting 3 months on Backorder and looking at the high quality of my Nomad Travel Boat rod I decided to pull the trigger and go with Okuma again and I must say this Rod was the best decision and highest yield of performance to Investment of all my rods.
ProsUltra Light weight, easy to cast, 4 Piece vs 5 Pieces, Larger guide ring hole on tip allows passage of #90+ Size Barrel swivel on pre-tied reel to make set-up and break-down easier from travel case to water in minutes. Same quality you would expect from a $350+ Rod
ConsShorter handle, and rod rating not apples to apples with other similar rods (Heavy is equal to Medium Heavy with other rods)
17 Questions & 17 Answers
from California asked:
February 23, 2019
Hi - would a Shimano Saragosa 6000 match the NTS-S-1004H?
1 Answer
The 8000 would pair up better with the 10 foot Nomad travel rod.
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on February 28, 2019

from Atlanta, GA asked:
January 30, 2018
Hi, 1. Would this rod (10'Heavy model) be effective casting 6oz YoYo and Surface irons on a F/V for Yellowtail Kingfish? I'm traveling to San Diego this Spring and don't normally cast conventional so would like to have my own spinning setup...and will be needing it for casting heavy lures to Stripers in the Cape Cod Canal...
1 Answer
The 10 foot heavey model would be ideal for 6 oz lures, the lure rating of the rod is 2-6 oz's.
Submitted by: Bernie on January 31, 2018

Chase Watson
from Denver, Colorado asked:
March 3, 2020
What would be a good pair with the heavy rod primarily for sharks and other big fish from the beach? In the lower price range with still good quietly for the big fish.
1 Answer
Check out the Shimano Sedona 8000 FI, currently on sale and will pair up well with that 10' Okuma Surf Rod.


Submitted by: Brian on March 18, 2020

from Ann Arbor, MI asked:
April 5, 2018
Is it alright to use a 20lb braid with the 10' MH? (recommended braid line wght is 30-50lbs).
1 Answer
You would be ok using the 20 lb braided line with the Okuma NTS-S-1004MH Nomad Travel Surf Rod - 10 ft.
Submitted by: Donald on April 7, 2018

from Ann Arbor, MI asked:
April 5, 2018
The description/specs on the 9' M say 2oz max? That seems a little light for a surf rod. Would the BG 3500 pair okay with it?
1 Answer
Travel rods are made differently and will have different recommended weight specs based upon size of the rod. The 2 oz is correct and i would have to say the 3500 BG would be just fine using it on the 9' travel rod.
Submitted by: Donald on April 5, 2018

Kyle paul
from Cape cod. asked:
February 7, 2018
Is a thunnus 6000 a good fit for the 9ft?
1 Answer
The Shimano Thunnus TU6000CI4 Spinning Reel 6000 would be a great option pairing it with the Okuma Nomad 9' Travel rod. The two would balance well together and compliment each other well especially if your using live bait.
Submitted by: Donald on February 9, 2018

Kyle Paul
from Cape cod asked:
February 7, 2018
Is the Ultegra XTD 14000 too much for this rod?
1 Answer
The Shimano Ultegra would match if your pairing it with the Okuma NTS-S-1004H Nomad Travel Surf Rod - 10 ft. The two would balance well and you would be set up for a great surf casting experience.
Submitted by: Donald on February 9, 2018

Roxy R Schlatter
from OK asked:
January 4, 2018
Would the Shimano Ci4 5500 pair well with this 10' rod?
1 Answer
If you are referring to the Ultegra Ci4 5500, then yes that would be a perfect fit. Any of the Stradic Ci4+ models would be too small to pair with a surf rod. Another good option would be the Saragosa 6000.
Submitted by: Devon on January 6, 2018

from Carolina beach, no asked:
May 10, 2017
Would the shimano ultegra ci4 5500 xsb match up well with the 9' version
1 Answer
The Shimano Ultegra 5500 would pair well with the 9' Nomad travel rod. The combo would balance well and would be a great traveling setup.
Submitted by: Donald on May 10, 2017

from PA asked:
May 9, 2017
I see that there are lure weight ratings but how do these compare to throwing pyramid sinkers. I want to be able to throw 3-4oz lead but need to stick with the 9' length.Will this still work?
1 Answer
3-4 oz. sinkers plus bait will likely be a little too heavy for the 9 foot model. You could run the risk of breaking the rod while casting and the rod would bend a lot under the weight of just your terminal tackle.
Submitted by: Devon on May 9, 2017

from New Zealand asked:
April 6, 2017
Hi, what would be the power curve/fighting drag on the 3 models? Thanks
1 Answer
Unfortantly we do not have that spec for these series of rods. I would advise contacting Okuma for further assistance for these particular rods.
Submitted by: Donald on April 6, 2017

from Texas asked:
March 8, 2017
Will this surf travel rod be good to pair up with a vanstaal vs250 with 50lb braid?
1 Answer
The Okuma NTS-S-1004H Nomad Travel Surf Rod - 10 ft. would pair well with the Van Staal 250 with 50 lb braid. Thank you for considering TackleDirect for your fishing needs.
Submitted by: Donald on March 8, 2017

from UT asked:
March 4, 2017
If I match this rod with a BG 5000 with 50lb braid, which will cast further when beach fishing and perform better - The 1004MH or the 1004H? This will be for beach fishing in Mexico.
1 Answer
The casting performance of these rods will depend on how heavy the lure or weight you will be casting is. I suggest comparing the lure ratings on each rod and selecting the one that falls within the range of what you are casting.
Submitted by: Devon on March 7, 2017

from Park City, UT asked:
February 28, 2017
Does the BG 5000 or BG 6500 match well with this rod? Thanks
1 Answer
The Daiwa BG 5000 will pair well with either 10' MH or the 10' H. Thank you for considering TackleDirect for your fishing needs.
Submitted by: Donald on March 1, 2017

from Rochester, NY asked:
February 12, 2017
What would be a good salt water spinning reel match for the Okuma OKM-0707 travel rod in the same price range as the rod or a good value reel to match?
1 Answer
For the 10' MH model I would suggest a Penn Clash 5000 for a reel in the $200 price range. As far as a great value reel, I would suggest looking into the Daiwa BG 4500.
Submitted by: Devon on February 14, 2017

Joshua Swain
from swajos1579@gmail.com asked:
January 19, 2017
how long is this in the rod case. i want ro fly with this and want to make sure its going to be allowed on the plane.
1 Answer
The measurements of the case is 34 1/4 inches.
Submitted by: Donald on January 19, 2017

from Canada asked:
January 14, 2016
Hello TackleDirect, Do these rods also come with a soft case to put the pieces in before putting them in the hard tube? Thanks,
1 Answer
It comes with a velcro strap that holds the rod pieces together before putting it in the rod case, and the rod case is a hard tube but it is lined with a softer fabric on the inside and outside. The rod seems fairly secure inside the tube.
Submitted by: Kaitryn on January 15, 2016


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