PowerPro Freshwater Fishing Line

Although it costs a bit more than most monofilament fishing lines, PowerPro fishing line has become popular with legions of anglers for lots of different angling applications in saltwater and freshwater. Its advanced technology makes it the go-to line for anglers looking for a tough, long-lasting line that is easier to work with than many other braided lines.

At TackleDirect, we offer a big assortment of PowerPro fishing lines, Hollow Ace and splicing Kits. That means you can find exactly the type of PowerPro product that suits your tastes and fishing.

PowerPro braid fishing line also offers many advantages. It's round, smooth and sensitive. That means it's as easy to work with as monofilament while offering the advantages of braid. Those pluses include a resistance to backlashes, wind knots and guide and tip wraps as well as no memory coming off your reel.

The line has practically no stretch, letting you feel the faintest nibble even when your line's a long way out. This line also offers incredible durability. For many anglers, the few extra bucks in their initial investment in PowerPro more than pay them back in the years of use they get out of this tough line.

TackleDirect offers PowerPro lines in many styles, colors and weight classes. Pick from Spectra Fiber fishing line in an assortment of colors including high-vis yellow, moss green, vermilion red or white.

Check out our selection of PowerPro products and you'll find something for practically every fishing situation. Use it as backing on your fly-fishing reels, for instance, or take it ice fishing in addition to spooling up your spinning, baitcasting and trolling reels.

We also carry other types of PowerPro products, including Super Slick for even better casting distance and reduced noise. If you fish with hollow-core line, we have PowerPro's Hollow Ace in sizes from 40-pound test to 200-pound test and splicing kits to splice it for knotless connections.