Rapala Dives To Crankbait Lures DT06

Rapala Dives To Crankbait Lures DT06

Price: $7.09
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TD Code
Running DepthBody LengthWeightTreble HooksColorPrice
DT06 Blue Back Herring BBH
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Blue Back Herring BBH$7.09 USD
DT06 Caribbean Shad CRSD
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Caribbean Shad CRSD$7.09 USD
DT06 Demon DMN
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Demon DMN$7.09 USD
DT06 Disco Shad DSSD
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Disco Shad DSSD$7.09 USD
DT06 Old School OLSL
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Old School OLSL$7.09 USD
DT06 Penguin PNGN
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Penguin PNGN$7.09 USD
DT06 Smash SMSH
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Smash SMSH$7.09 USD
DT06 Red Crawdad RCW
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Red Crawdad RCW$7.09 USD
DT06 Baby Bass BB
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Baby Bass BB$7.09 USD
DT06 Bluegill BG
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Bluegill BG$7.09 USD
DT06 Bleeding Olive Shiner BOS
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Bleeding Olive Shiner BOS$7.09 USD
DT06 Blue Shad BSD
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Blue Shad BSD$7.09 USD
DT06 Chartreuse Brown CTB
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Chartreuse Brown CTB$7.09 USD
DT06 Dark Brown Crawdad DCW
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Dark Brown Crawdad DCW$7.09 USD
DT06 Firetiger FT
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Firetiger FT$7.09 USD
DT06 Hot Mustard HM
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Hot Mustard HM$7.09 USD
DT06 Helsinki Shad HSD
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Helsinki Shad HSD$7.09 USD
DT06 Mardi Gras MGRA
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Mardi Gras MGRA$7.09 USD
DT06 Olive Green Craw OGCW
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Olive Green Craw OGCW$7.09 USD
DT06 Perch P
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Perch P$7.09 USD
DT06 Pearl Grey Shiner PGS
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Pearl Grey Shiner PGS$7.09 USD
DT06 Purple Olive Craw POCW
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Purple Olive Craw POCW$7.09 USD
DT06 Parrot PRT
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Parrot PRT$7.09 USD
DT06 Silver S
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Silver S$7.09 USD
DT06 Shad SD
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Shad SD$7.09 USD
DT06 Yellow Perch YP
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6Yellow Perch YP$7.09 USD
DT06 BRU Bruised
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6BRU Bruised$7.09 USD
DT06 GFD Girlfriend
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6GFD Girlfriend$7.09 USD
DT06 MULE Mule
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6MULE Mule$7.09 USD
DT06 RTA Rasta
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6RTA Rasta$7.09 USD
DT06 BLZ Blaze
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6BLZ Blaze$7.09 USD
DT06 DEL Delta
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6DEL Delta$7.09 USD
DT06 MSY Mossy
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6MSY Mossy$7.09 USD
DT06 OLB Ole Blue
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6OLB Ole Blue$7.09 USD
DT06 RUS Rusty
6ft2in3/8ozNo. 5 & 6RUS Rusty$7.09 USD
Rapala DT06 Dives-To Crankbaits dive fast to a preset depth and stay in the ''strike zone'' longer than any than other crankbait on the market. Made from the top seven percent of balsa wood, this consistently perfect wood combined with carefully placed internal weights, tapered fuselage and thin tail design creates the ultimate crankbait action, found only in the DT family. Ultra-thin polycarbonate lip digs the bait down quickly to desired depth. Swimming with a side-to-side action only balsa crankbaits can achieve, the DT cranks deep, yet pulls with ease. Perfectly weighted to rest in a ''quick-dive'' nose down position allowing for immediate descent to desired depth, the DT can be easily cast 150 feet. Simply put, the farther the cast, the longer the bait stays in the strike zone. It's the most effective way to cover more water and catch more fish. Internal baritone rattle is tuned for best sound performance. Premiere finishes in all the right color patterns, finished with 3D holographic or painted eyes. All come with premium VMC SureSet tail hook and black nickel belly hook. Each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested to swim perfectly right out of the box.

Rapala DT06 Dives-To Crankbaits with Custom Ink Colors by Mike Iaconelli are a masterpiece series of lures exhibiting the personal touch of artisan bass angler Mike ''Ike'' Iaconelli. Ike's personal touch involves three key traits. First, it's their purposefully muted colors. Ike used to ''bake them in the sun'' on his trucks dashboard to get that life-like, muted skin tone. The subtler colors can be unbelievably effective when bass aren't attacking conventional patterns. Next, Ike had Rapala polish the finishes like the translucent candy apple red on a ’57 Chevy for a natural, pearly finish. For the third pivotal ingredient, Ike went super sparkly with glitter. Not just any glitter, but super fine sprinkles that actually add depth to the appearance of the lure. One of Ike's secrets is all about ''using something different, something unique to catch more fish.'' Ike's Custom Ink DT's are all that and more.
  • Quick-Dive Resting Position
  • Extra Thin Polycarbonate Lip
  • Perfect Balance
  • 3D Holographic or Painted Eyes
  • Long-Casting up to 150 ft.
  • Thin Tail Design
  • Internal Rattle Chamber
  • VMC SureSet Tail Hook
  • VMC Black Nickel Belly Hook
  • Balsa Wood Construction
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested
  • Muted Body Colors (Mike Iaconelli custom ink colors)
  • Translucent Pearly Finish (Mike Iaconelli custom ink colors)
  • Super Fine Glitter (Mike Iaconelli custom ink colors)
Mike Iaconelli Custom Ink Colors include Blue Back Herring, Caribbean Shad, Demon, Disco Shad, Mardi Gras, Old School, Penguin and Smash.

4.5 Stars based on 27 reviews
Kane, PA
smallmouth slayer
April 30, 2020
used this lure dt 6 demon color on my fav orite lake the last 2 week,s in pa. caught 9 smallies ,all between 17 + 20 inch,s
Prosruns just the right depth and stay,s there.
Kane, PA
Best smallmouth lure
April 27, 2020
I have ben having great luck with this lure this spring ,used it twice caught nine smallmouth all between 17" and 20".runs at just the right depth.great color-demon
By Lawrence
DT06 Demon
April 27, 2020
Great bait for cranking in the spring, I know it must be a "hot item" as it took a bit to get!
By John M.
DT6 red craw
April 8, 2020
This time of the year here in Alabama bass loves this color
ProsGreat color Great bait Great fish catcher.....right size
Consafter a while and numerous fish catchings they will start to sink....good sometime not good at others
By William
, Gwd
Not durable
March 30, 2020
Catches lots of fish but the bills just aren’t very durable
By Brent
Alton il
Great crank bait
February 17, 2020
I use the dtfats1 for shallow water works great!
By Steve
February 5, 2020
This bait early summer is the go to bait
ProsAbsolutely the bass love it
ConsHaven?t found any
By Steve
February 5, 2020
This bait is awesome especially in St.Clair. The number 1 bait in my tackle box Thanks Tackledirect you guys are great
ProsSometimes the only bait small mouth will hit
By James B.
Edgewood Md.
My Go to crank baits..!
September 2, 2019
I Love these crank baits, they always seem to catch fish even when the bite is slow. The Fire tiger and chartreuse brown DT6 are my favorites, they crush fish all the time. I target largemouth but everything seems to hit them. perch DT4 is another favorite.
Consthe only bad thing is the balsa doesn't survive hits against hard surfaces. so you need to be accurate when casting.
By Patrick
Abington, Pennsylvania
Good Crawfish Imitator
January 7, 2018
The Rapala DT 6 is one of those baits that will catch them when nothing else will. I decided to buy some craw colors to see if they are as effective. I am not disappointed. Tie one on when bass are feeding craw and get ready. Must have in your tackle box
ProsConsistent performance Great colors to match all types of forage
By Patrick
Abington, Pennsylvania
Consistent Producer
January 7, 2018
I love the fish catching ability of the DT 6, so I decided to give the 10 a try. I was not disappointed. Spot on with its name, the lure dives quickly and consistently to 10 feet, where it lays a beatdown on bass and pike. Would recommend to all crankbait fisherman
ProsDives quickly and consistently Spot on with its specs
By Patrick
Abington, Pennsylvania
One of the Best Cranks Out There
January 7, 2018
The Rapala DT 6 is one of the best producers in the crankbait category. Consistent performance and a large combination of colors make this crank one of the best out there
ProsConsistent performance Awesome color options
By Mingo72
Columbus, OH
A never fail bait.
December 31, 2017
Please never stop producing! Just match your depth!
By Mingo72
Columbus, OH
Rapala never disappoints
December 31, 2017
love This entire line in this dt6 is no different. Great color here!
By Abbas
Aurora, OH
August 15, 2016
good crank bait as usual from Rapala.
Cons3 stars for not including VMC SureSet tail hook as shown in the picture and written in the description.
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