Raymarine Marine Electronics

When you think about the advances in marine electronics over the last half-century, maybe you should shed a tear for our fishy friends. The huge strides in fish-finders, sonar, navigation and other electronics that have made their way into the fishing world have stacked the odds greatly in favor of anglers. It's a big ocean, but marine electronics have made it smaller. One of the leaders in the electronic revolution in saltwater is Raymarine, which traces its history back to 1923 when Raytheon Marine introduced its first depth sounders. At TackleDirect, we carry an extensive selection of Raymarine marine and electronics equipment to help you increase your success and safety at sea.

GPS, Chartplotters and Radar Navigation
GPS, chartplotters and radar navigation have revolutionized marine navigation, making the world's vast oceans more accessible to millions. These instruments have made navigation far safer and much easier, opening up fun on saltwater to legions of anglers and boaters. TackleDirect carries a big selection of Raymarine GPS, chartplotters and radar navigation with all the latest technical advances to make your time on the water as fun and safe as possible. Keep track of all your electronic devices onboard with one simple display with the Raymarine eSeries multifunction displays.

Marine Electronics and Accessories
The types of Raymarine electronics and accessories available from TackleDirect are virtually limitless. We can hook you up with Raymarine sonar and transducers to increase your hookups. Raymarine fish-finders will give you a fish-eye view of the undersea world beneath your boat, increasing your catch rate and your fun quotient.

Of course, no one should venture out to sea without a VHF radio, whether to check on the latest hotspots or to report or respond to an emergency. At TackleDirect, we offer a selection of dependable Raymarine VHF radios. In addition, we have all the accessories you'll need to use your Raymarine devices, including cables, mounts and brackets.

A/V Equipment and Cameras
Whether you're out on the water or relaxing with family and friends back at the dock, TackleDirect has you covered with an assortment of Raymarine A/V equipment, and cameras that will add to your pleasure while boosting your safety and security. Our Raymarine audiovisual equipment includes a variety of devices to make boating and fishing safer and more fun.

Raymarine cameras are available in a variety of designs to record what's happening on board, whether in the engine room or while docking. If you want to boost safety and security on your boat or just to record the good times, these CCTV cameras are available in a variety of designs, including unobtrusive dome cameras.