Relentless Knives USA 6in Curved Fillet Knife

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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A true workhorse for fish and meat processing, the Relentless Knives USA 6in Curved Fillet Knife gives the outdoorsman a high-quality tool that is lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant. With 6-inches of blade length, this knife is ideal for freshwater and small to medium sized inshore species, along with bait prep. Unique to many fillet knives out there, Relentless utilizes an aerospace grade titanium blade, which has all the benefits of corrosion and rust resistance while maintaining a great edge. A strip of ultra-hard carbide and crushed diamond compound is bonded to the titanium base metal, which is used to create a differential hardness and sharp perpetual edge. This design acts almost like a tooth enamel, where the blade continually sharpens as you use it. At its handle, this knife utilizes a glass reinforced ABS, covered by a "gritty" material that is used to create a non-slip surface. This keeps your hand locked into the grip, even when the handle itself is covered by blood, slime or is just wet in general. The black portion has a faceted design, ultimately scattering light in every direction so that it is non-reflective and will not get hot even when left in the sun. For the hardcore outdoorsman who needs a quality tool for processing the catch at the end of the day, the Relentless has a knife option that will surely become your go to.

  • Aerospave Grade 100% Titanium Blade
  • Perpetual Edge Technology
  • Ultra-Hard Carbide/Crushed Diamond "Power-Strip"
  • "True Grit" Glass Reinforced ABS Handle
  • SlickCut Boron Nitride Anti-Friction Treatment

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