Resins & Adhesives

Whether you have a dinghy or a yacht, keeping it afloat and looking good are prime considerations. At TackleDirect, we stock a variety of marine resins, caulks, cleaners and adhesives that will keep your vessel in good condition, whether you have to make minor repairs or are contemplating a big job. These products come from leading manufacturers in the field such as 3M, Evercoat and Marine-Tex.

Our cleaning products include waxes and polishes to keep your boat looking its best while protecting its gel coat from the elements. We also carry items that can help you remove stubborn stains, including mildew.

TackleDirect has products designed to fill and repair scratches in boat gel coats. We also have fiberglass resin in economical cans for bigger jobs.

Our Marine-Tex epoxy repair kits provide rock-hard fixes to damaged parts. They can be used to bond materials as well as to fill and patch holes. These might repair kits work on many materials, including wood, fiberglass and many plastics and are great for emergency or permanent repairs.

We also offer underwater sealing and caulking compounds that will keep your hull watertight. In addition, TackleDirect carries a full line of specialty adhesive tapes ranging from nonskid tape for your decks and other walking surfaces to weather-stripping tape to keep your cabin comfortable.