Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor - 24V

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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The Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ 24V Trolling Motor combines a wireless trolling motor, an auto pilot, and a virtual anchor all in one incredible package! Every Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor includes a Wireless Fob with lanyard, a prop kit, a Quick Release bracket, an efficient 3-bladed propeller, and a Line-X finish.

Sure to improve your fishing experience, the unique Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ 24V Trolling Motor is wirelessly controlled and GPS guided. Once you've located a spot where fish are biting, touch the anchor button on the fob and the GPS Guided Trolling Motor will automatically keep the bow of your boat within a few feet of the spot, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the fish.

Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motors utilize a high definition GPS receiver to monitor and control the trolling motor, with the incorporation of a remarkable micro-computer module. The quiet and powerful thruster delivers 80 pounds thrust by industry standards.

Anchor Mode
The HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor's Anchor Mode will keep the bow of your boat parked exactly where you want it, in any depth of water, automatically compensating for waves, wind, and cross-current. Anchor Sites can be jogged in precise 5 foot increments in four directions relative to the boat's heading using the wireless fob. There is no need to mess with a tangled, wet mess of anchor line. High definition precision differential GPS receiver provides remarkable positioning accuracy.

Manual Mode
In the HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor's Manual Mode, the system behaves just like a normal trolling motor, allowing the operator to steer the system wirelessly and control the thrust. Rhodan further refined the system by incorporating Thrust Dependent Electronic Steering Control, complete forward and reverse thrust capabilities, and anti-wrapup technology which prevents the power cord from winding itself around the shaft.

Track Mode
Track Mode allows the HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor to automatically pull your boat along your chosen course, continually compensating for wind and current disturbances. Dual Tilt-compensated compasses keep the boat on a stable directed path as it makes a beeline track towards your chosen target, allowing you to fish your favorite shoreline without having to continually correct your boat's heading. The track speed is adjustable (10 thrust settings) and the track heading can be changed in precise 5 degree increments, all using the wireless fob.

Advanced Modes
The HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor has 12 memory locations, with four of them dedicated to memorizing anchor sites, and the remaining eight free to record intricate paths or routes over 1000 miles long! Paths can be recorded while running at trolling speed and even at cruising speed with the trolling motor stowed! The twelve memories will remain in the system memory even after power down. Play your recorded routes back at your chosen speed while the precision HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor steers your system for you! The system will automatically anchor the boat when it completes a memorized route.

Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ 24V Trolling Motor Additional Features:

  • The HD GPS Anchor+ Trolling Motor can steer the boat while the main engine is at low power settings, allowing the system to troll at higher speeds or to anchor in fast moving current.
  • Waterproof wireless remote control fob lets you control the Trolling Motor while fishing from anywhere on the boat, and it floats!
  • State-of-the-art Digital pulse width modulation (PWM) circuitry maximizes efficiency, minimizes heat dissipation, optimizes power and extends battery life, allowing you to stay out fishing for hours longer on a single charge.
  • Audible battery meter lets you check the battery charge state from anywhere on the boat with the wireless fob.
  • Instant "Off" button in case you need it while working a fish.
  • Lockable quick-release mount permits the unit to be moved for use on another boat or safe-keeping.
  • Stowed position sensor automatically prevents the trolling motor and propeller from operating in the stowed position.
  • Durable corrosion-free composite shaft flexes upon impact.
  • Subjected to thousands of hours of durability testing and actual fishing use.
  • Designed for saltwater use and equipped with sacrificial zinc anodes.
  • Lower unit and shafts all include Line-X finish.

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