River2Sea WPL130 Whopper Plopper Lure

River2Sea WPL130 Whopper Plopper Lure

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WPL130 Blue Blood
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Blue Blood$16.99 USD
WPL130 Loon
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Loon$16.99 USD
WPL130 Munky Butt
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Munky Butt$16.99 USD
WPL130 Bone
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Bone$16.99 USD
WPL130 Perch
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Perch$16.99 USD
WPL130 Rainbow Trout
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Rainbow Trout$16.99 USD
WPL130 Chubby
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Chubby$16.99 USD
WPL130 Delta Craw
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Delta Craw$16.99 USD
WPL130 Rat Ta Tat
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Rat Ta Tat$16.99 USD
WPL130 Phantom Shad
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0Phantom Shad$16.99 USD
WPL130 I Know It
5in1-3/8River2Sea Long Shank 4X Strong #2/0I Know It$16.99 USD
The River2Sea WPL130 Whopper Plopper lure is designed by the legendary angler Larry Dahlberg. It is the bass sized version, it can be casted up to a mile making this lure great for combing large flats or expanses. This lure provides long accurate casts with a wider possible range of speeds along with wider range of commotion and sound.

**If using these lures for larger species, remove rear hook and put one front hook two sizes larger as the bass tend to eat it and it's difficult to avoid gill injury**
4.5 Stars based on 46 reviews
By Jimmy
Texarkana, AR
Whopper Plopper 110
February 8, 2018
What can I say. I'm a buzzbait addict. I'll throw one any time the water is above 60 degrees.
The Whopper Plopper, while technically not a buzzbait, is the lure I throw when they're short striking or swirling on a buzzbait. Throw it out past the strikezone, crank it a few feet, and let it sit right on top of the target, crank it again, and they'll kill it. Drives the fish nuts. I had 3 fish over 6 pounds this past season on a Monkey Butt and a Terminator.
Can't wait until Spring.
ProsGreat action Durable Gets the bites
ConsNeed one in a Natural bream color.
By Sean
90 works best for me
July 9, 2020
I also have two of the bigger models but no luck on them.
By Chad
Draws violent typesetter strikes
May 6, 2020
Absolutely killer bait for catching big largemouth and smallmouth. Draws up some of the most violent typesetter strikes I've seen. They flat out destroy them! The 130 had produced some very large bass for be here in the Northeast.
ProsGreat quality components Only upgrade needed im is a Spring power swivel to stop line twist
ConsTwist line if you don't have swivel
By Cobb
Glenmoore, PA
Good bass lure
May 5, 2020
Great to use for bass and fun to watch them eat
By John
Carrollton, TX
Pure savage
April 20, 2020
Bass absolutely destroy it. I have heard countless numbers of people loving this bait.
By Jack
Excellent bait
April 11, 2020
My new favorite top water bait
By Joey
New jersey
Great and unique
March 25, 2020
Love the unique design of this lure. Fish can't resist the action but the pricetag is definitely on the higher end for lures in this market.
By Charlie
Newfields, NH
Whopper Plopper 90
March 7, 2020
I have had this lure for about a year and it has blown me away. The tail creates the noise and splash of an injured baitfish near the surface, drawing in bass. So far I have caught small and largemouth bass. This thing works well in clear and murky water from prespawn until late fall (Im in northern New Egland so it varies depending on where you live). I have gone out and bought 3 more in varying colors all work well.
Pros-very effective -splashes -rattles -variety of size and color.
Consif you are using a baitcaster it is fairly heavy so be mindful of backlash.
By Brent
Alton, IL
Good blowups
February 17, 2020
I like the whopper plopper it get some hellacious topwater blow ups! I wished they made a chrome colored one to mimic a minnow
By Mike
Cortland, OH
All the benefits and less bulky
August 5, 2019
Still the same great action as the larger ones without the finicky retrieve of the WP90 (which I have not experienced but have heard complaints about constantly). Thit functions great, has good fit and finish and sharp hooks. Hard to complain.
Pros-Less bulky than the its big brothers while being as simple to operate. I prefer this as I live in OH and we just don't have the monsters that they have down south. -Less expensive than other WPs -Good F&F -Consistent action
By Caro
Miramichi, canada
Very good for striped bass in shallow water
June 1, 2019
Very good for striped bass in shallow water ( 5 to 10 feet)
By Dylan
Good size
May 19, 2019
Better for smaller setups but still catches big bass!
By Dylan
Good size
May 19, 2019
Better for smaller fish and smaller gear setups but still has good action in the water
By Dylan
Favorite color
May 19, 2019
My favorite color for summer bass fishing. Great lure!
By Dylan
Good size
May 19, 2019
One of my favorite colors to use and is the perfect size/weight for my setup
1 Question & 1 Answer
from Las Vegas NV asked:
September 25, 2014
Do you have the baby whopper ploppers yet? Dave
1 Answers
No Dave, we do not have them yet.
Customer Service
on September 27, 2014


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