Saltwater Braided Line

Put your strongest foot forward on the water with a saltwater braided line that always brings the power to a cast. Braided fishing line was one of the earliest types of fishing line, and it remains popular to the present day, particularly for baitcasting. It has excellent strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance, making it a good line to use around underwater obstacles and docks without breaking. The lack of stretch gives it a solid hook set and it makes it very sensitive to fish bites, which is particularly useful for deep-sea fishing and for fish with a gentle bite.

TackleDirect has a huge selection of saltwater braided fishing line from Jerry Brown, Power Pro, Spiderwire, Sufix, Berkley and other top brands to help you take the fight to your next big catch. We carry saltwater braided lines in a variety of diameters, lengths and colors. If you need hi-vis fishing line for trolling, choose bright colors such as yellow and orange lines. On the flip side, brown and red colors make great camo fishing lines for most bodies of water.

Braided lines are constructed from premium fibers such as Spectra, Dacron and micro-Dyneema. This often produces a breaking strength that far exceeds their test rating, giving you the option to buy a lower-rated line if you need increased sensitivity. And if you're trolling for tuna, swordfish or blue marlin, a 100-lb. fishing line will usually hold a catch many times that size. You can also find braided fishing line specifically designed for inshore or offshore casting. Order spools of up to 1,500 yards for deep bottom fishing or just to have some extra line on hand.

Find strong line to cast for everything from tarpon to California yellowtail by shopping at TackleDirect. Our fishing superstore is a family-owned business that provides the expert service you need from fellow anglers. Satisfaction is guaranteed on every order!