Saltwater Conventional Rods

When you're fishing from a boat, conventional rods are practically a necessity. You can use these fishing rods for a wide range of the most popular angling techniques, like bottom-fishing, jigging and trolling.

Thanks to our huge selection, you'll find the collection of saltwater conventional fishing rods at TackleDirect anything but conventional. Whether you fish in the bays, sounds or open ocean, you can locate the right kinds of conventional rods here for the type of fishing you do.

You'll find lots of boat rods here perfect for all-around use. Use them for bottom-fishing for bottom dwellers like blackfish, seabass, grouper and other species that like to lurk over reefs, wrecks and bottom structure. These rods also can do double duty as trolling rods, whether you're fishing deep in the water column with wire line or dragging your lures higher up with mono.

You'll also find plenty of specialized rods here designed for specific techniques and species. Our jigging rods are perfect for jigging up weakfish, stripers, lingcod and other deep dwellers. For really deep dives, check out our deep-drop rods. They're designed to make it easy to drop your baits way down and haul up your catch from Davey Jones' locker. You'll even find rods designed for specific species, such as our albacore rods engineered for these tasty tuna.

We have one-piece rods here with plenty of backbone for hauling in the biggest fish. If you're a traveling angler or have limited space in your boat or vehicle, check out our travel rods. These break down in multiple sections for easy portability and stowing. Many come with their own traveling cases for safe, hassle-free transport.