Saltwater Electric Combos

If you're fishing really deep, the saltwater fishing electric reel and rod combos from TackleDirect can make your experience, well, electric. Whether you're fishing way down for broadbill swordfish, deep-drop fishing for other massive offshore predators like marlin or chasing hard-fighting bottom denizens like grouper and snapper, these combinations will make your offshore adventures more fun, more productive and less tiring.

These reels pull the line up for you, saving your arms from the rigorous, repetitive chore of reeling your weights and tackle up from the murky depths numerous times. In addition, if a fish charges you trying to put slack in the line to throw the hook, electric reels provide you the speed to overcome this common tactic.

You could go out and buy your electric reel and rod separately. But why would you' We have assembled a lineup of perfectly matched combos. In addition, you'll save money with a combo, compared to buying components separately.