Saltwater Experience Season 16 Episode 2

Season 16 - Episode 2: Spearfishing Upper Keys

Captains Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor are joined by Rich's son Reed who acts as an enthusiastic guide to some spectacular spearfishing in the upper Florida Keys.

The best saltwater fishing shows should show you every aspect of a fishery. Partnering with TackleDirect, Saltwater Experience episodes like Spearfishing Florida's Upper Keys takes you underwater as well as on the water.

In Episode 2 of Season 16 of the Saltwater Experience fishing show, you'll ride offshore of Tavernier Creek northeast of Capt. Rich Tudor and Capt. Tom Rowland's home port at Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key. This episode features Capt. Tudor's 13-year-old son, Reed, who seems as comfortable in and under the water as ... the fish he hunts with his speargun.

Underwater Hunting Safari

Snorkeling over patch reefs harboring red and black grouper, mutton snapper and a host of other warm-water species, young Reed looks for good targets. When he spots a sizable grouper, snapper or yellow jack, he dives down, aims and fires. The result: a tasty addition to the cooler on board the 26' Yellowfin center console. Reed says he can hold his breath for up to 90 seconds, and we believe him.vWhile Reed and his dad conduct their underwater hunt, the Capt. Rowland stays on the boat and fishes with a spinning rig. In one instance, Reed even puts the bait right in front of a lazy grouper, resulting in an immediate hookup. "It's the best fishfinder I've ever seen," notes Capt. Rowland.

Saltwater fishing TV shows like these prove you can have just as much success fishing under the water as above. Besides delivering a great catch of delicious fish for dinner, snorkeling these reefs provides a great way to cool off under the hot summer sun. In addition, the coral reefs and massive schools of fish living on them provide fantastic underwater vistas.

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