Saltwater Experience Season 16 Episode 4

Season 16 - Episode 4: Snapper Fishing with Brandon Simmons

Snapper specialist Capt. Brandon Simmons joins Saltwater Experience hosts Capt. Tom Rowland and Capt. Rich Tudor in Season 16 Episode 4 of these saltwater fishing TV shows. One of the most delectable dishes on Florida's piscatorial platter, snapper are eagerly sought by many anglers.

Running 5 to 10 miles offshore into the Atlantic Ocean from his home base at Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, Capt. Simmons uses his Lowrance HDS-16 LIVE fishfinder to zero in on a big cloud of fish hovering over hard bottom and living reefs. When the fishfinder lights up, he ... anchors and begins chumming with frozen chum in a chum bag supplemented with sand balls, a mix of sand and chum, he occasionally drops over the gunwales.

Snapper Slam

The three amigos drop their lines in. Soon they are hooking up steadily and reeling in yellowtail snapper on light spinning rigs. Soon the three anglers tie on 1-ounce jig heads to drop deeper past the yellowtails. They begin landing bigger mangrove and mutton snapper regularly, filling up the fish box for an eagerly anticipated shore dinner.

Surprise Ending

Like all the best saltwater fishing shows, this Saltwater Experience fishing show features a suspenseful ending. We won't spoil it for you though.

Suffice it to say one of the fishermen hooks up with a very mysterious - and very big - something on the end of his line. Goliath grouper? Manta ray? Sea turtle? Rubenesque mermaid?

You'll have to watch this suspenseful episode to find out. After the finale, you'll be happy to know there will be plenty more Saltwater Experience episodes to watch. All these saltwater fishing shows are as entertaining as they are informative.

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