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Every serious angler is always trying to improve their water skills. Thanks to TackleDirect and Saltwater Experience Tackle Zone, you can do so from the comfort of home — and without spending a dollar. We've partnered with one of the most popular saltwater fishing shows in America to bring you every episode free on-demand. Just click on an episode below for the best saltwater watch around! For 18 seasons, Captains Rich Tudor and Tom Rowland have been letting fans follow along as they fish the Florida oceans and lakes. You can watch them chase redfish in the Everglades, head to the Upper Keys for some spearfishing and many other exciting adventures. We'll continue to add more episodes as they're released.

Use the Tackle the Pros Do

At TackleDirect, you can do more than just watch these Florida fishing TV shows. You can buy the tackle that Rich and Tom are using! When you click on each episode, you'll see all the rods, lines, lures coolers, apparel and other gear that are featured — then purchase them for your own outing! By combining your newfound knowledge and the same supplies used by the Saltwater Experience pros, you'll be on your way to blue water success. If you're looking for something that isn't listed for an episode, don't worry — we probably have it in stock. TackleDirect offers an inventory of more than 80,000 products that have been tested by our in-house anglers. Call us seven days a week to speak with one of those in-house experts who can steer you towards a big catch.

Tom and Rich have put togther the perfect rod, reel, and line combinations using their experience and expert knowledge. Check out their species-specific recommendations below and get exactly what you need to start fishing just like the pros.

Rich's Species Specific Recommendations

Tom's Species Specific Recommendations

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