Saltwater Crimps & Sleeves

Crimping provides anglers a strong and secure alternative to knots for connecting hooks, lures and terminal tackle to monofilament or cable. This method is popular for big-game fishing, where thick, heavy mono is difficult to work with. Wire crimps are used for fishing for sharks and other toothy critters that could shred monofilament leaders in seconds.

TackleDirect carries a selection of premium saltwater fishing crimps, sleeves and wire from top brands like American Fishing Wire, Hi-Seas and Jinkai. Strong yet easy to work with, these crimps won't cramp your style on the water.

Choose from a variety of materials, including aluminum, brass and copper. Aluminum crimps and sleeves generally are the best choice for mono and fluorocarbon, while copper and brass are preferred for cable.

In addition to crimps and sleeves, you'll find sturdy wire for making your own leaders. We also carry shark kits that give you everything you need to create your own bite-proof shark rigs.