Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Quality saltwater fishing pliers are an essential tool to have in any ocean angler's toolbox. The versatility of these tools make them ideal for de-hooking catches, cutting line, bending wire and many other terminal tackle uses. Shop a large selection of saltwater fishing pliers at TackleDirect from Manley, Boone, Cuda, Mustad and other leading brands. With expert customer service and worldwide shipping, a great pair of fishing pliers will quickly find its way from our stock to your doorstep.

Thanks to fishing tackle companies such as Abel and Penn entering the fishing tools market, many modern saltwater pliers use many of the same materials and machined construction techniques found in fishing reels. The result is saltwater fishing pliers made from metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and titanium for long-lasting strength and corrosion resistance. A number of nose lengths are available for different fish species, along with different varieties of line cutters, side cutters, split ring tools and springs. Some pliers even have replaceable cutters. With aesthetic options such as ergonomic grips, hand-painted colors and fish graphics, lanyards and carrying cases, you're sure to find a long-lasting pair of saltwater fishing pliers that will come in handy whenever you find yourself in a pinch.