Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon fishing line is an increasingly popular choice for saltwater anglers. This clear saltwater fishing line is practically invisible underwater, so you'll get more bites, especially in clear or shallow water. Furthermore, it is more resistant to abrasion from structure, teeth and UV rays than monofilament or cable. We carry premium saltwater fluorocarbon fishing line from top brands like Yo Zuri, Seaguar, and Hi-Seas to get more fish on your hook, whether you're surf fishing in the Gulf of Mexico or trolling in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

While fluorocarbon line is extruded in a single strand like nylon filament, the similarities end there. Fluorocarbon saltwater fishing line is waterproof, so it has the same strength and handling below the surface as above it. Additional benefits include higher sensitivity, uniform line diameter, better hooking power and more controlled stretching. TackleDirect has fluorocarbon fishing lines of all lengths and test strengths, allowing you to confidently tackle even the toughest and most uncertain waters. And with its near invisibility, you can upgrade your line rating without sacrificing stealth. Order today and get a great price on a high-quality saltwater fishing line.