Saltwater Hollow Core Line

Thinner, more abrasion-resistant and less stretchy than monofilament, braided line offers advantages for many saltwater fishing situations. Compared to solid-core braid, hollow-core braided line offers some additional positives. Many anglers say it offers superior splices. While it is extremely strong, it is also very thin. That means you can spool more line on to your reel, making it harder for those really big fish to spool you.

Here at TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of saltwater hollow-core braided fishing line. You'll find hollow-core line with break strengths ranging from 15 pounds to 300 pounds. We carry all the best brands, like Jerry Brown, Momoi and many more. Choose from many color options. Spools are available in a variety of sizes, meaning you can find just the right amount for your needs.