Saltwater Jigs

Saltwater Jig Fishing Lures

Give your lines some snap and pop — and maybe a little crackle — by using our huge assortment of jig lures. What is a jig for fishing? Jigs are designed for "jerky" presentations, a technique used by everyone from beginner inshore anglers to commercial deep-sea anglers. It's especially useful in areas such as drop-offs where there isn't space for a horizontal presentation. By looking like an injured baitfish, your lures will drive predator gamefish into a frenzy that makes them the prey.

At TackleDirect, we stock hundreds of saltwater jigs created by the best lure manufacturers. Shop products from Savage Gear, Point Jude Lures, Tady, Ocean Tackle International, and others who know what fish bite on. They make it easy to start jigging and get catching.

Lure in a Perfect Strike

No matter what type of saltwater jigs you're looking for, they're available in our huge online catalog. Start by deciding whether vertical or casting jig lures are best for your needs. Vertical jigs are large, heavy lures that let you reach deep beneath the surface for bottom fishing. A casting jig is small and light so you can fish more precisely for higher-roaming species

From there, you can explore a variety of all-purpose and specialty jigs for saltwater adventures. We sell hair jigs, bucktails, eel jigs, squid jigs, and much more. You can even get bladed swim jigs that vibrate in the water, which has proven to be highly effective for attracting bass. Fish your new jig lures as-is or add plastic soft baits and live baits for a devastating combination.

Jig Fishing Done Right

Whether you need bass jigs, yellowtail lures, white seabass jigs, or something to entice a barracuda, we have a jig bait they can't refuse. Other jigs are made for catching the live bait you need to go after even bigger sport fish like albacore tuna and bluefish. Shop a variety of jig lure sizes, shapes, weights, and colors to mimic both common and not-so-common baitfish. They also have specialty hooks to get a firm set for battle. Both the lures and hooks are made of high-quality materials to resist saltwater corrosion so they can dance in the water for years.

From spoons to diamond jigs to slow-pitch jigs and more, choose TackleDirect for your jig lures. We're an authorized dealer of every brand we sell, meaning you're fully covered on all sides. Our selection is only matched by our knowledgeable service and commitment to exceeding your expectations. Call or email us seven days a week to speak with a fellow angler who can help you select the right lures. Wondering how to fish with a jig? Visit the TackleDirect blog for tips and how-to's.