Saltwater Rod Holders

It's a fact: Far more fishing rods have been destroyed by someone stepping on them, catching them in a door or otherwise inadvertently abusing them than by the mightiest fish in the sea. TackleDirect is here to offer a simple and smart solution. Our saltwater fishing rod holders will protect your rods while keeping them organized and ready for battle.

You'll find many kinds of rod holders here. We have wall racks and freestanding racks ideal for your home. Many of these racks are made of naturally attractive wood.

For your boat, we carry a variety of rod holders perfect for trolling. Stick the rods in the holders, put the boat in gear, grab a beer or beverage and wait for that big bite.

Traveling anglers should check out our rod tubes and cases to protect their precious poles from the abuses of irate baggage handlers. These rod cases also will protect your rods in your vehicle.

Surfcasters are a special breed, and we can provide them with special surf-rod holders. From sand spikes to truck-rod holders, these surf-fishing rod holders will do more than just protect rods. They will keep reels out of gritty, gear-destroying sand. A surf-rod holder would make a great gift for that dedicated shore angler you know.