Saltwater Tools

Whether you fish on the ocean or bay, the equipment you use has to be extra tough to deal with salt's corrosive qualities and the battering and bashing that wind and waves can deliver. At TackleDirect, we carry a huge selection of saltwater fishing and boating tools and accessories that can withstand the perils of the sea.

You'll find all kinds of handy tools here, like fishing pliers, crimping tools and shears. We stock dozens of bait, pocket and fillet knives. Use our nets and gaffs to safely land big fish or fish with paper mouths, like weakfish or snook. We also have dehookers and fish grippers to make it easier to handle slippery, thrashing fish.

You'll find all kinds of storage solutions here, from tackle boxes to reel bags and rod holders. We have marine lights and headlamps for night fishing as well as replacement bulbs to keep the lights on. Use our outriggers and downriggers to troll your artificials exactly where you want them. You'll find electronics here like chart plotters and much more.