Seigler Reels

If you're looking for quality, American-made reels at a competitive price, consider the Seigler fishing reels and accessories from TackleDirect. Wes Seigler, founder and president of Seigler Reels, has created some of the strongest and lightest reels on the market. Based on extensive inshore and offshore fishing by Seigler staff as well as captains and customers, these reels are made in Virginia of U.S. components.

We carry a full lineup of these quality reels that can help you reel in anything from a flounder to a tuna. You'll discover conventional reels like Seigler Star-Mag reels. Seigler's original star-drag reel has been designed to help surfcasters heave their lures farther out in the suds without compromising torque and power.

You'll also find a variety of Seigler lever-drag reels here suitable for big-game fishing as well as taming smaller pelagics offshore. You can preset the drags on these reels to apply consistent pressure to your finny adversaries.

If you're a fly aficionado, make sure to check out our Seigler fly-fishing reels. These boast all the superior components and craftsmanship of the rest of the lineup. We carry lever-dry fly reels suitable for a wide range of saltwater species.

We also have Seigler accessories like push-pole holders for more effective sight-fishing on the flats. These high-grade aluminum holders are also great for quickly securing gaffs, spearguns and other equipment on your boat.