Shimano Jigs and Lures

Shimano is a maker of renowned fishing reels that have earned the respect of anglers worldwide. But this company also makes a line of lures that can help you fish better. TackleDirect carries an exciting group of Shimano saltwater jigs, lures, plugs and hard baits that can help you attract and land more fish.

These lures let you explore the water column from top to bottom. Shimano's poppers are perfect for catching bluefish, stripers, tuna and other fish feeding on the surface. Whether you're fishing from shore or a boat, cast one into a blitz and hold on.

We have sinking stickbaits as well as divers and swimmers to get down deeper to where the big ones lie. To go all the way to the bottom, check out our Shimano jigs. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these jigs provide exciting, innovative designs based on a classic lure.