Shimano JLC100 100g/3.5oz Lucanus Jig Lures

Shimano JLC100 100g/3.5oz Lucanus Jig Lures

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Weight (g / oz)ColorPrice
JLC100 Blue/Silver
100g / 3.5ozBlue/Silver$14.99 USD
JLC100 Chartreuse/White
100g / 3.5ozChartreuse/White$14.99 USD
JLC100 Green/Gold
100g / 3.5ozGreen/Gold$14.99 USD
JLC100 Orange/White
100g / 3.5ozOrange/White$14.99 USD
JLC100 Purple/Red
100g / 3.5ozPurple/Red$14.99 USD
JLC100 Pink/White
100g / 3.5ozPink/White$14.99 USD
JLC100 Chartreuse Shrimp
100g / 3.5ozChartreuse Shrimp$14.99 USD
JLC100 Dungeness Crab
100g / 3.5ozDungeness Crab$14.99 USD
JLC100 Pink Shrimp
100g / 3.5ozPink Shrimp$14.99 USD
JLC100 Sunset Crab
100g / 3.5ozSunset Crab$14.99 USD
Shimano's Lucanus Jigs is a fun and exciting approach to catching bottom species. The Lucanus Jig has an aerodynamic head design that lets it sink quickly to the bottom and stabilize the jig when it is retrieved. The Shimano Lucanus Jig also uses the multiple hook system to provide a higher hook-up ratio and a durable silicon skirts. The trailers wobble and vibrate durring the jig movement.
4.5 Stars based on 55 reviews
By Ham
Fillet California
Good lure for pier fishing
April 14, 2022
Use mine for pier fishing for groupers. Does the job
  • Good lure for the tackle box
By Nathan
Great Jig
December 14, 2020
Very strong and great jig. One of the hooks fell off and it turned out to work better.
By Christian
Orlando, FL
Awesome Jig!
January 27, 2020
This thing gets destroyed in everyway possible. It just plain catches fish. Snapper probably are fist fighting down below to see which one gets to hit this jig. The jig will eventually get nailed by a monster fish, and since the hooks are on the lighter side (but extremely sharp) you will be at risk of getting broken off.
  • -It just plain catches fish.
  • -Surgically sharp hooks.
  • -Pricey
  • -Can be hard to find at times due to popularity.
By Manuel
Granada Hills, CA
Great for Rock Species and Yellowtail
November 27, 2018
My go to jig for bottom fishing. get to the bottom and bounce or jig it back up on the retrieve.
  • Rubber skirt pulse in the and look life like realistic.
  • Kind of pricey but worth it
  • Rockets to the bottom. If you looking for something slower i would try the lucanus flat fall.
By William C.
Fish Love this Lure.
August 25, 2018
Used for first time on 8/18 & 8/19th on 24 hour off shore trip out of Port Aransas ,Texas.Fished for Vermillion Snapper at night.Very deep water and strong current so added a 10 oz weight .First try,,Snapper hit on way down,2 pounds.Caught 4 more in less than an hour.Under sizi Amber jack hit it also..too small to keep.Have another color in the 5 oz and now have the 7.5 0z to try out on Red Snapper in September.Amazing!
  • Easy to use..just drop to bottom and retrieve slowly.
  • Fish hook them self.
  • Designed to add as much weight as needed.
  • Variety of weights and colors,
  • Hooks are small so may have trouble if a 12 pound fish hits it..
By Will
Orlando, FL
July 30, 2018
Being a jigging fan, and a Shimano fan, I had to get these. Shimano didn't disappoint when it came down to quality, as usual. Now for the part of catching fish well.....These jigs are fish magnets, they catch pretty much everything that sees it. I've hooked Snappers, Groupers, Bonito, tons of bait fish, and the list goes on, I even hooked a couple of small sharks as well! Chartreuse/White has been the "golden ticket", but both Pink and Chartreuse shrimps are great as well. When the bite slowed down, I added two small strips of squid and they become deadly! Fellow fishing enthusiast, if your curious about these, please give them a try, TD has the best selections on these.
  • Fish Magnets, they catch pretty much everything that sees it. Add a couple of strips of cut squid and you'll have a deadly bait!
  • A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for! The skirts can break after 1-2 trips of use and their a bit difficult to change.
By Elliott
Sussex, UK
One of the kings of kabura...
May 20, 2018
I've developed almost an addiction to Kabura fishing thanks to the Lucanus jig.
Having bought all the kit bar the LJV Calcutta (because I'm a lefty) when it came out, the Lucanus system has gone around the world with me.
I fish the Lucanus alongside other kaburas such as the Shout Answer and Duel Salty Rubber as well as some more esoteric and difficult to get hold of JDM jigs.
There's no doubt in my mind that the Lucanus is at the top of the pile when it comes to non-sliding Kabura jigs. They work in the blistering heat of the Straits of Hormuz right through to the sometime frigid English Channel. Deadly when fished as designed but even speedsters such as queenfish and GT's have taken my Lucanus jigs when sped up and fished midwater.
There's a lot of talk about difficulty in replacing skirts and this is true to some extent on the 150-200g variants. Practice makes perfect here though and once you've twigged it, it becomes second nature (there is a useful video on Shimano NZ's YouTube channel that is helpful). The skirts do get chewed up routinely, but spares are reasonably priced and having stocks of spare skirts and assist hooks is essential. Talking of the hooks, the availability of these is not great and so I pick them up whenever and wherever I can find them, although making your own is simple and recommended if you're using the bigger versions for bigger fish, with bigger hooks being advisable than the largest size offered by Shimano.
With all Kabura's flouro colours work the best for me the world over and so the two shrimp and the pink/white colours are my go to starters.
Ridiculously simple to fish, gets great results and works globally - what's not to love about the Lucanus?
  • Works everywhere in the world I've taken them.
  • Simple to fish, not taxing on the angler and just a flat out fun way to fish.
  • You can keep the lure in the strike zone for as long as you need to.
  • Out fishes virtually all other fixed (non-sliding) Kabura jigs, including the JDM crowd,
  • Great colour and size ranges.
  • Well priced spare skirt sets.
  • Can be fished in the roughest of ground with a much lower loss rate than other metal jigs.
  • The jigs themselves are expensive, there's no denying this.
  • Shimano discontinued the system's Tescata rods ages ago - you really do benefit from having a purpose built Kabura rod to fish these lures, as they allow you to see the bites develop before winding the fish on. I can't see a USDM Kabura rod available for sale from any manufacturer, so you may want to look at JDM options if your new to this style of fishing,
  • The availability of spare hooks is not consistent, so buy when available or make your own.
By Baher M.
Springfield Gardens, NY
Amazing Lure
May 10, 2018
Work perfect, and Green/Gold is amazing
By The C.
Great for black sea bass in the NE
December 26, 2017
I took the 5.25 oz jig and I was getting the most consistent action with black sea bass. I jigged it slow (like it was recommended) and it would be an almost immediate hit near the bottom. It did catch one bluefish that broke the bottom part where the skirt is attached to... High price tag hurt... But decided to get another.
  • It works well. I was skeptical about the small size hooks, but it wasn't an issue. It catches fish.
  • Expensive and it can break on a bigger fish. The bluefish that broke off the skirt part of the jig was 10lb+.
By jamie
SoCal Rock fish
December 21, 2017
They slay on charter boats.
By G W.
Boxboro, MA
Expensive lure but really catches black sea bass
December 21, 2017
Rarely get stuck and easy to repair when it catches too many fish
  • Weird but effective
By Marty
San Jose del Cabo, BCS
Lucanus Chartreuse Shrimp
October 3, 2017
I'm a kayak fisherman, targeting shallow water reefs in Cabo. The Lucanus jig is my secret weapon, especially in chartreuse. It works great for catching Cabrilla and Pargo. Don't know why they prefer chartreuse but that's been the hot ticket for me.
  • Easy to use. Produces well. Doesn't snag on the rocks much and usually can be shaken loose.
  • Expensive. Tails get beat up and are tricky to replace.
By Chris
Birmingham, Alabama
The absolute best bait for trigger Fish in the Gulf.
July 10, 2017
Love this bait. Benn using it for years to land monster Trigger and Red Snapper in the Gulf. It's amazing that this bait has an almost 100% hook up percentage. Purchase the extra hooks because those Trigger fish will eventually break through the braid that holds the hooks and trust me, you don't want to stop using this bait because you are missing a hook.
By Chris
Wildwood, NJ
These things catch seas bass
June 27, 2017
Headline says it all
  • Expensive when lost on a snag
By Jeff T.
great looking jig
June 19, 2017
Haven't been able to get out on to Monterey Bay yet due to wind but my buddy used one last year dropped three times and hooked up on ling cod each drop. Good back up if you can't find any live bait.
2 Questions & 2 Answers
from MS asked:
March 2, 2016
Can these be used for cobia? Any reports of cobia being caught on them?
1 Answers
Hey they could be used for cobia but the hooks are to small.
on March 3, 2016

from NJ asked:
October 20, 2014
Whats the best color combo for black seabass fishing thanks in advance
1 Answers
That is hard to say. As with any kind of fishing, the bite changes daily. The best selling are Chartreuse / White, Orange / White, and Pink / White.
Customer Service
on October 21, 2014


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