Shimano Tiralejo XX Surf Rods

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known in the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.
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Meeting the needs and desires of the hardcore surfcaster, the Shimano Tiralejo XX Surf Rods are a flagship level series built for superior casting distance, durability and true fish fighting performance. Proven powers and actions have been implemented in the lineup and are even further enhanced with Shimano's proprietary Spiral X and Hi-Power X technology. These technologies implemented in the blank construction have been used in many of their premium heavy offshore, inshore and freshwater lineup of rods with great success and remain well respected in the industry. Strengthening power transmission throughout the rod blank for greater casting distance, accuracy, sensitivity and lifting power gives the surfcaster a well-rounded premium design that lifts for the bar for the sore bound angler fighting the waves, boulder fields, jetties and more.

Spiral X enhances compression and torsional rigidity without adding extra weight through the specific use of carbon tape. Three layers of tightly wound carbon tape are diagonally used in opposite directions, creating a unidirectionally strong blank that breaks the norm of the traditional horizontal fiber sheet. Hi-Power X complements Spiral X perfectly, as it delivers the ability for more precise actions, enhance overall strength, and adding twist resistance. The blanks outermost layer is diagonally wrapped with carbon tape to form an array of "X" shapes, which can be adjusted with the width of the tape and the winding angle that each "X" is formed., delivering a sharp and crisp rod control by the angler. Both technologies work to mitigate what is commonly known as "ovalization" where the blank loses its normal round form due to a load being applied to it, such as fighting a fish, casting, etc. With this "ovalization" being prevented, the inherit power from the blank can be used to the fullest raw potential, letting the rod do more work and giving a lighter and sleeker overall design.

Each rod utilizes a Fuji SiC guide train for optimal casting performance and great durability. A Fuji DPS reel seat with a locking knot locks down your favorite surf reel for good, preventing play that often happens overtime when battling large fish and taking the abuse the surf can dish out. A custom ergonomic foregrip and rear grip design improves the function and comfort for all day usage for seasons to come. The Tiralejo XX series of surf rods set a pretty high bar for other surf rods to meet, with technology, design, powers and actions well suited to set the pinnacle of surfcasting performance.

Features Found in Shimano Tiralejo XX Surf Rods:

  • Spiral X Blank Technology
  • Hi-Power X Blank Technology
  • Fuji SiC Guides
  • Fuji DPS Reel Seat with Locking Nut
  • Custom 3D Ergonomic Grip

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