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Shimano ULCI45500XSB Ultegra CI4 Plus XSB Surf Spinning Reel

Shimano ULCI45500XSB Ultegra CI4 Plus XSB Surf Spinning Reel

Price: $319.99

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4155.3:115.9$319.99 USD
The Shimano ULCI45500XSB Utelgra CI4 Plus Surf Spinning Reel is made with a compact Ultegra body making rod speed easier to generate when distance casting. The Ultegra uses 2 speed slow oscillation line lay and an AR-C spool fitted with Instant Drag for simple and fast adjustment and increase casting performance. This reel also features cold forged gearing and x-ship technology produces powerful winding performance.

  • CI4+ construction
  • Shimano instant drag
  • Slow oscillation
  • Aero Wrap II
  • X-Ship
4.5 Stars based on 22 reviews
By Mike
February 28, 2018
Excellent reel
Using on 8ft shimano rod for near shore casting from boat great distance and great drag
ProsCasting distance, great drag, light reel, holds lots of lines
By Anthony
hoboken, nj
December 7, 2017
Casts great, but a little bit fragile for a surf reel, I think
I really does cast really far, but I think it's a little bit fragile. One little slip and all the gears and bail are all bent!!! Break out the back-up!
ProsCasts really, really far.
By Gregory
August 20, 2017
Excellent Reel
I have this paired with my Shimano Tiralejo, it is a match made in heaven for a surf setup, cast's amazing and is light as a feather for its size.
ProsLightweight, heavy duty construction, cast distance
By Phil C
Brooklyn, New York
July 18, 2017
Well worth the money, Light Weight, I Can Fish all day!
Nicest surf reel I've used thus far, I use it with my Tsunami Airwave Elite 9 ft surf rod, best surf reel your money can buy the 3 spools are a big plus and the drag is smooth and powerful. awesome line lay, I love it!
ProsExcellent line mgt. Great distance caster, Durability Lightweight Powerful "Feel".
ConsBe careful with the drag system, does take much! Not sealed :-(
By Tin
Arlington, TX
May 18, 2017
I paired this with the shimano tiralejo 10'6 and it definitely made a big difference in casting distance, compared to the stradic fk 5000 with the same rod.
Prosholds a lot of lines
Consa little bulky
By Mike
Cocoa Beach FL
February 18, 2016
5 Stars!
By far the best long casting surf reel I've ever used! I have it paired up with a Composite Development XD14 Surf Rod that I purchased from New Zealand, I have never found a better matched pair for surf fishing!
By Santosh
Mumbai, India
January 10, 2016
Beautiful line lay, very smooth and will help you cast a mile.
I am being using it for over a year now and have taken a wide range of hard fighting fish, both fresh and saltwater. I pair it with 7.6 ft pe.2 light popping rod to throw stickbaits and plugs and with a 12 ft custom made rod for surf fishing with 30 lb JB for surf fishing and 40 lb JB for spinning with plugs. The distance I get with this reel is easily 30 % more if not less. Have caught medium size blacktip sharks, barramundis, mangrove jacks, small GT, groupers, The mahseer and snakeheads in freshwater.. Love this reel.
ProsSmooth, light weight, great price, lovely linelay, good drag, will help you cast a mile.
ConsNot sealed
By Jimmy
Massapequa Park, New York
November 7, 2015
Excels at casting
I bought this reel for my dad who has always been obsessed with distance. This reel is unlike any other he has ever used when it comes to distance and he has been fishing for over 70 years. I would not recommend getting this reel wet from a wave full of sand but an occasional splash from the back bay shouldn't be a problem. I gave it 4 stars out of 5 because it is line and casts great but they market it as a surf reel and I dont think it would handle sand as well as say the new Spheros.
ProsExcellent line mgt. Great distance caster.
ConsToo delicate to use during inclement weather off the surf where you are getting hit with waves full of sand.
By LightSurferCA
October 9, 2015
Ultegra Ci4 is as advertised
Used the Ultegra Ci4 for the past year+ in the surf and off of rocky shores. It is noticeably lighter than other surf reels with the same line capacity. The long casting capability and quick drag is as advertised. For me, it did much better on my 11-12 ft than on 8.5-10 ft 1-3 ounce rods. Given the long spool, line lay takes some getting used to since it is possible to lose the advantage of the line lay over time if you begin retrieve with the bail in a different location than the last line position after casting numerous times. For example, if the cast ends with the line position on the top of the spool and bail position on the bottom with immediate retrieval, the line lay is misaligned. Not any issue in sandy surf conditions, but if you're fishing in shallow water over rocks, you can't release line for proper alignment without risk of snagging the bottom. Handled all of the stripers easily but not sure how it will hold up with big jacks over time. The three spools makes this a very good value for me.
ProsLightweight, casting distance and two spare spools
ConsPossible to lose advantage of line lay due to misalignment over time
By Michael
Bridgewater, MA
October 7, 2015
One Sweet Reel
Besides my Shimano Stella, this is the best reel I own. From a casting/feel perspective, to the way line simply feeds itself off the reel (no wind knots) to the drag and pure power once a fish is hooked.
ProsDurability Lightweight Powerful "Feel"
Consnone yet
By John
St. Augustine, Fl.
October 3, 2015
Be careful!
This is a great reel. Like others have said it is as smooth as silk and the line lay is superior to other reels. You will cast farther with it. But! I wish I had a chance to get better acquainted with the new sensitive drag. Today I hooked a Tarpon about a hundred yards out. Even in Florida hooking a Tarpon in the surf is a real experience that , believe me, doesn't happen every day. The fish took off like a rocket pulling line off at an unbelievable rate. I decided to tighten up the drag forgetting in the moment that the drag goes from basically nothing to full lock down in about half a turn or so. I went from about 20% drag to 100% in a half second and of course the line snapped. It's a great reel (despite my profanity at the time). I recommend it, but the drag takes a whole lotta getting used to. Some things are better off left alone.
ProsGood high quality reel that does what it says it will.
ConsDo I really have to answer this. Be careful with the drag!
By Keith
Los Altos, CA
July 23, 2015
Lightweight Launcher
I paired this up with my 13'3" Saltiga Ballistic Surf Rod and launched the bait off the rocks out to sea. Wow. This is thing is extremely lightweight, and I had not problem bringing in some good size rockfish up the cliffs.
By Xavier
Dothan AL
February 4, 2015
Shimano Ultegra Ci4
Prosbest surf reel your money can buy the 3 spools are a big plus and the drag is smooth and powerful
Consshimano please lose the anti reverse they are a thing of the past HAHAHAHA
By Tony
February 1, 2015
Ultegra C14 plus spinning reel
Ok reel for 320$ I thought it would have a more quality feel to it........ Actually it's a good reel only wobbles slightly more than my other shimano reels
ConsBulky looking
By David
Rishon Le Zion, Israel
January 25, 2015
great price for long casting reel
great price for long casting reel
By Richard
New Zealand
December 23, 2014
Lovely reel but...
The slotted drag knob on the top lets wind blown sand and light gravel underneath the drag knob which compromises its use when a fish takes line not to mention the graunching sounds. That might be ok if you are constantly spinning and not laying the rod on the beach or placing it in a rod holder as surfcasters in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK do. A fishing mate of mine 2 years ago managed to get two Ultegra reels of the previous model which had the "unslotted," quite snug fitting drag knobs just as they were being phased out. Little problem with sand and grit there and the reels have performed excellently. The latest model Ultegras would be perfect but for the drag knob. It looks flash but its not functional for surf fishing as its done in the Southern Hemisphere and the UK. My three star rating reflects that. With an unslotted drag would be 5 stars and perfection.
By Steve
Chesapeake, VA
December 6, 2014
great reel
great reel worth the money, use the extra spools and be ready for any type of fishing with this reel.
By mostafa
willow spring, nc
November 14, 2014
For my 8'6 G.loomis
Works wonderful does what its says, I was out on the surf and casting 2oz lures further than other guys next me for longer rods.
Prossmooth, strong drag, 3 spools total, caries allot of line. Made with good constriction materials.
Consbeen a fan for a long time glad Shimano brought their surf line to the US. IF only they were fully sealed ....anything is possible I know I would pay $700 for one or more.
By ruben
September 26, 2014
good reel for the prize
This reel is almost perfect except the nut that holds the bail loose by itself and starts to wiggle.i guess it needs a locknut to hold it down sucurely.
By jorge
September 4, 2014
great long casting
Love it cast a country mile
By Mark Alexander
Brockton, MA
August 9, 2014
A strong Surf Reel for Cape Cod Blues and Stripers.
I have been fan of Shimano reels for a long time and was really anxious to try out their long cast offerings. I mounted mine on a 10' Surf Rod and filled with 20 lb. braid. At first glance, I liked what I saw. The system is completely new and innovative and looks like it will deliver less fouled line, time will tell, but I'd bet on it. The lighter weight is remarkable next to my array of surf outfits. I long ago gave up on automatic bails and appreciate that they did too. I'm surprised that they kept the anti-reverse, although, that can be convenient. Overall, I'm impressed and look forward to testing the strengthened drag. I feel that my money is well spent on new Shimano technology.
By Steve
Chesapeake, VA
July 8, 2014
Well done Shimano!
Put this on a new Shimano 10'6" rod rate 1-3 oz. All I can say is wow! It is really my wife's rod, hmmm anyone know of way to convince her she doesn't need it? :) By the way Tackle direct is the best.
ProsSuper light for and a great match for the rod..... The long spool and X wind does seem to make a difference....especially on slick braid.
ConsDoesn't seem quite as well built as the Saragosa, (she has one of those too) but if you rinse them well and loosen the drag when put up all should be good.
18 Questions & 19 Answers
David Burke
from RI asked:
January 25, 2018
I am buying a 11' St Criox MH and want to know what would be the better real as far as max drag and casting 4-8 oz plugs at the cape canal. Would it be the 14000 XTD or the 145500XSB CI4? I will be using 40 lb Braid on the reel as well.
1 Answers
I would use the 14000 over the 5500 for more durability and stability. I would also recommend looking at the Shimano Saragossas 8000. That would be another solid option for fishing the canal using 4-8 oz plugs.
on February 1, 2018

Bill Lees
from Ont asked:
February 13, 2017
I just sent a question regarding the Ultegra C14 Reel - I forgot to mention the St. Croix Legend Surf Rod would be 8'. If we mentioned 10' that was a mistake. It should have been 8'. Thanks again. Bill Lees.
1 Answers
The Shimano ULCI45500XSB Ultegra CI4 Plus XSB Surf Spinning Reel will be a good match for the St Croix Legend 8 ft rod
on February 14, 2017

Bill Lees
from Ont asked:
February 13, 2017
I have a question regarding the Ultegra C14 Plus XSB Surf Spinning Reel. We inquired earlier about putting a Shimano Baitrunner D 6000 on a 10' St. Croix Legend Surf Rod. You said it should be a good match. I was wondering if the Ultegra C14 would work well with this rod. We would be using this setup for surf fishing, inshore fishing, etc. The other reel I had in mind was the Shimano Thunnus 6000. So out of these 3 reels which one would be the better choice? Thanks. Bill Lees.
2 Answers
The Shimano ULCI45500XSB Ultegra CI4 Plus XSB Surf Spinning Reel would be the best fit for the St Croix Legend Surf rod. The Shimano ULCI45500XSB Utelgra CI4 Plus Surf Spinning Reel is made with a compact Ultegra body making rod speed easier to generate when distance casting. The Ultegra uses 2 speed slow oscillation line lay and an AR-C spool fitted with Instant Drag for simple and fast adjustment and increase casting performance which would be great for the St Croix Legend rod.
on February 14, 2017
All of the mentioned reels would be a good fit as far as size is concerned. The Ultegra would be best if you are looking to make very long casts. I would suggest the Baitrunner if you plan on fishing live or chunk bait. The Thunnus is essentially an upgraded version of the Baitrunner. The main difference is the lighter and stronger Ci4+ material used to make the frame.
on February 14, 2017

from Cape Cod asked:
February 10, 2017
Hi, Just pick up St, Croix MOJO 10'6, medium power, moderate action, MSS106MM2., for pencil poppers after strippers in the Cape cod canal. The Rod says 10-20 lb braid only... the Ci4 shows 30lb as a minimum lb braid ... can i use 20lb Powerpro on this reel and will it work correctly? Thanks.
1 Answers
The St Croix Mojo 10'6'' rod is quoted for 10-20 lb mono. The 30 lb braided line will be fine to use with that setup.
on February 10, 2017

from bahrain asked:
May 28, 2016
Can I pair it with 10ft St Croix avid ?
1 Answers
This rod would be a great fit with the Ultegra.It would be a very well balanced combo.
on June 2, 2016

from India asked:
November 4, 2015
There is a contradiction in your answers , in question 9 you say it's not a hex but thread in handle , but in the next question you say there isn't a thread in handle , could you clear that question , I never get a answer to any question quick , want to buy the reel so please reply ,
1 Answers
It is in fact a threaded handle.
on November 4, 2015

from Rome, New York asked:
June 21, 2015
Matching this reel with a surf rod, would one get more distance from a matched Shimano Rod or would a St Croix MoJo or Legend surfer.
1 Answers
Hello James. For maximum distance, this reel will perform best paired with one of the Shimano Tiralejo rods seen here:
on June 22, 2015

from Mass asked:
May 16, 2015
can I jig with this reel?
1 Answers
Pat, this reel is designed to be a long cast surf fishing reel, with that being said, I do not see why you would have any problems jigging with that reel.
on May 19, 2015

from New York asked:
April 9, 2015
HI what reel would be better suited for deep water jigging a: Shimano ULCI4 XSB Ultegra CI4 or the shimano saragosa sw ill be mainly jigging a 1 lb jigging at 66 meters of water and drifting dead baits too on a boat. thx wayne
1 Answers
Hello Wayne. For the type of fishing you will be doing, the Saragosa will be a better suited reel for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions!
on April 10, 2015

from israel asked:
December 31, 2014
will this reel be too heavy for using lures with a st croix 8 foot surf rod?
1 Answers
It will not be too heavy, but the ideal rod length for this reel is 9-10 feet.
Customer Service
on January 5, 2015

from Ottawa Canada asked:
November 15, 2014
There is a question about drag. It says it has 33 lbs. drag. I'm interested in this reel and have researched it quite a bit. I've been told that it has a maximum drag of 21 lbs. this was from a Shimano rep. Could you clear this for me. Thanks Pat
1 Answers
Hello Pat. The max drag on this reel is indeed 33 pounds. That is the information we were given directly by Shimano HQ. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions!
Customer Service
on November 16, 2014

Sam Lee
from new york asked:
November 5, 2014
building upon a question from Wayne- what types of aftermarket round, or oval, power knobs that can fit on the stock handle? The stock knob is a joke. Thanks.
1 Answers
Unfortunately we do not have the answer to this question, because we do not carry those products.
Customer Service
on November 6, 2014

from Tybee Island, Ga. asked:
October 24, 2014
Do you know when the 14000 size of this reel will become available in the U.S.A.? is actual the size in the photo......Thanks
1 Answers
From what we have been told, the 14000 will not be released in the USA.
Customer Service
on October 24, 2014

from stratford asked:
October 14, 2014
what is the max drag on this reel? and is it a full metal body?
1 Answers
The max drag is 33 lbs. It is not a full metal body. It is a composite CI4 body, thus lowering the weight of the reel.
Customer Service
on October 15, 2014

from stratford asked:
October 14, 2014
is this reel waterproof or water resistant?
1 Answers
These reels are water RESISTANT. They have a coating applied to them that RESISTS saltwater. They are NOT WATERPROOF. They can get splashed and sprayed but must be properly rinsed after each use.
Customer Service
on October 15, 2014

wayne jones
from taunton,ma asked:
July 23, 2014
thread in handle like direct drive?or hex shaft that goes thru gear.
1 Answers
It is a thread in handle rather than a hex shaft.
Customer Service
on July 24, 2014

wayne jones
from taunton,ma asked:
July 13, 2014
does this reel have a thread in handle?is there a egg grip handle-knob available?
1 Answers
There is not a egg grip handle available for this reel. To the best of our knowledge, there is not a thread in the handle. For more detailed info on the reel, check out the Shimano website or call them at 877-577-0600.
Customer Service
on July 14, 2014

from n asked:
July 7, 2014
is this reel manual bail????
1 Answers
Yes, it is a manual bail.
Customer Service
on July 8, 2014


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