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Shimano Waxwing Jigs

Shimano Waxwing Jigs

$14.99 - $22.99
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Baby68mm / 2.68''1/2 ozSelect Colors$14.99 USD
Boy88mm / 3.5''7/8 ozSelect Colors$17.99 USD
Jr118mm / 4.65''1 1/2 ozSelect Colors$19.99 USD
Senior138mm / 5.43''2.1 ozSelect Colors$19.99 USD
Daddy168mm / 6.6''4.4 ozSelect Colors$22.99 USD
Shimano Waxwing is the next generation of Sub-Surface swimming jigs for saltwater fisherman. Simply cast the jig and point your rod tip straight towards the jig, then start reeling. This jig swims side-to-side in a zigzag motion with an irregular kicking action which triggers the fish to strike
  • Hydrodynamic body design
  • Upper Wing makes the jig swim in zigzag motion
  • Lower Wing makes the jig prevent rolling
  • Owner Tin-coated double hook
  • Stainless Wire-through construction
  • UV reactive paint on lateral line
4.5 Stars based on 65 reviews
By jamie
December 21, 2017
Killed cuda
Had handfull of cuda hit these off SoCal shore.
By Wang
Portland, OR
December 20, 2017
easy casting lure with good swimming action
So easy to use and control the action! Shimano lures are the best! i would hope to have bigger sizes and heavier weight for GT casting.
By Max Ramos
Prague , Oklahoma
August 14, 2017
Great top water action
I fish these every where I go from Mexico to Costa Rica and San Diego , I've had luck with bluefin , dorado and yellowtail under kelp patties These things just work ! I've had luck fishing these things at different retrieval speeds all with the same great results !
ProsFish will hit these things not so much the color but the nice swim pattern they have .
ConsPricey !
By Frank
San francisco
August 3, 2017
Awesome action
This lure has crazy action in the water. Can't wait to put it to use very soon.
By Kai
Carpinteria, CA
August 2, 2017
Looks aren't everyting
If I didn't know better, I would think this lure is a gimmick, but it really works! Took a couple of Waxwings on a recent 8-day trip out of San Diego. The yellowtail jumped all over them.
By mostafa
willow spring, nc
August 5, 2016
Lt eye feel
Love the action of the lure, made five cast from the surf on a Sandy Beach and the left eye fell off. Casts well for my 8 and a half foot IMX surf rod however a bit disappointed about the durability of the product.
ConsIf you're paying over $14 for a product that I should at least stay on for a season. Considering I was casting from a Sandy Beach everything should have stayed on and the construction of the lure should have held up for at least a season. I just wasn't expecting and I to fall off it after 5 casts
By Albert L
Melbourne Beach, FL
November 14, 2015
Nice Lure
Tried it a few times for Blues, Mackerel and Tarpon but have not had much luck with these. Maybe I need to give it a few more tries before putting it away for the Surf
By Jean- Marie
September 3, 2015
Great product
By Fidel
Panama Central America
August 26, 2015
Good lure for surf casting
A must in my surf casting tackle bag
By Fidel
Doral, Florida
August 26, 2015
Good lure for surf casting
I like how i cast them, the action and how they fool the fishes. Is a must on my tackle bag
By daniel
san diego, CA
April 28, 2015
By Lori
Va Beach, VA
April 23, 2015
Shimano Waxwing Jig
Nice jig for the surf, good for big blues and other fish :-)
By Doug
Berlkey, Ma.
February 26, 2015
looks great
Can not wait to use
By Daniel Mazabras
New Canaan, CT
February 17, 2015
Waxwing Jigs
Awesome lure. Fish gobble this thing up. The side to side action is great.
By Gennady
February 5, 2015
Nice lure
Looks like a nice lure. Haven't had a chance to try yet. Planning fishing trip to Panama.
ProsQuality product
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
January 31, 2015
good casting jig
This jig is great for casting on weekends or schooling fish like tuna
By Michael
Boynton Beach, FL
January 28, 2015
Great new lure
By Mircea
January 25, 2015
Incredibly realistic motion and beautiful colors
I used this Shimano jig in Costa Rica and had excellent results. It is an excellent bait for tuna fish species. I recommend with confidence.
By David
Rishon Le Zion, Israel
January 23, 2015
Great for bluefish
Great for bluefish
By Michael
Ottawa, Ontario
January 17, 2015
small but deadly
got this lure in black/silver, and it just looks like a little baitfish. It's small, but it is deadly if you cast it into a school of fish. It doesn't make a big splash in the water, because its such a small lure. But if you want to match the hatch.... this is one to have in your box! Great for inshore to! anything will eat this little guy
Prosgreat size range ideal for matching small baitfish nice colors solid lure/hooks
By Michael
Ottawa, Ontario
January 17, 2015
Great lure
got the pink jig. Looks great. nice middle size lure, very all-round size I would say. good size for fishing from shore, inshore or offshore. Super fast shipping
Prossolid construction quality hooks, very sharp great looks all-round size
Consnone, makes you want to order more ")
By Michael
Ottawa, Ontario
January 17, 2015
Awesome looking lure
I ordered the Blue Sardine waxwing, and it looks so good. Very real. It has some weight to it (2oz), so it will cast a good distance. Very sharp, quality (owner) hooks. Can't wait to try it shipping to Canada was super fast with DHL. Got here the next day for $20!! regular US mail shipping would have been $12, so very impressed with that.
Proslooks great solid construction quality hooks
Austin, TX
January 7, 2015
Great action and castability
Love the action of these lures and it comes in all sizes to target the species you are chasing. Quality materials and superior action. Another Shimano winner.
ProsQuality, craftmanship
By max
Redding, CT
January 5, 2015
works really well casting for blue fish and trolling for stripers
Prosaction smooth casting durable
By stephen
victoria, TX
December 31, 2014
kick and kick
Swims and kicks fish like it, so do l.
By stephen
victoria, TX
December 31, 2014
fish like this lure
Caught a black fin, had fun.
By Dale
Mililani, Hawaii
December 28, 2014
This is my go to lure when fish are being picky
I absolutely love the Shimano Waxwing! I fish here in Hawaii and for the most part the water is clear and the fish are smart. The Shimano Waxwing Lure has become my go to lure when the fish are being picky. It has excellent action and draws the fish in and incites strikes. I usually use the larger waxwing lures because I am targeting larger fish (138 Sr. lure). However, as a testament to these lures effectiveness, in addition to the larger fish, I have also caught fish the same size as the lure while fishing.
ProsThe lure works
ConsThough it is cheaper than the lures that cost $120 each. The waxwing cost can add up when you are buying multiple lures.
By Carlo de gasperis
Varazze .17019- Italy
December 27, 2014
well made lure
great lure fantastic results
By matt
myrtle beach sc
December 12, 2014
Very good lure
Fished them for bluefish and stripers. They caught quite a few blue fish
Proscaught a lot of blue fish
Consvery exspensive
By AbdullahSAEEDD Ghamdi
November 15, 2014
By craig
Baytown, TX
November 6, 2014
most versatile size in the line up
Easy to work--bomb it out there, point your rod tip at it and begin reeling. Find the correct pace...too slow and fish lose interest (unless competing). Too fast and you induce spin-out. Once there, they crush it. Love artificials because the fish seem to hit it harder/ more aggressively. This particular size (and the next size up) is easier to fish faster than the smaller ones. I have a few that I'll replace as they get torn up, but I'd buy more if they were cheaper.
ProsGood action, easy to work. Casts well. Catches fish!
ConsA version that could be reeled faster would be great!
By craig
Baytown, TX
November 6, 2014
Big Daddy
Used for offshore casting instead of poppers around rigs and weedlines, decided to try this subsurface instead of a hard swimbait or stickbait. The swimming action is as easy as it gets, just reel it in! No Tuna or ono yet, but the kings, cuda, mahi, and jacks have all found it irresistible...not exactly an inexpensive lure, it now carries battle scars from the toothies. Because I fish a lot I have tried all sizes except the smallest--the Daddy and the Senior work the best because you can reel it in at a better pace without spin-out. Find that sweet spot...
ProsEasy to work, good action. Catches fish!
ConsPricey, if worked too fast, spins out.
By craig
Baytown, TX
November 3, 2014
WW Jr.
In general I like the waxwing jigs. I have several of the larger models. The 2.2 oz seems to work the best in my opinion, as far as actin goes. But here's the thing...they have a definitive sweet spot for retrieval speed. Too slow and the fish lose interest. Too fast and it spins out. Once you find that spot--it works great, hang on. In this particular size, it won't do what I need it to.
ProsCasts well, has a good action.
ConsWould like to see it as a countdown type lure to cover more of the water column. Pricey.
By Jose
West Hills, CA
October 20, 2014
Catches fish.
Cast and retrieve fast in a straight line and get ready to get hit.
By Phil
Ft Lauderdale, FL
July 6, 2014
Shimano does it again
Excellent casting, retrieve and positive hook-ups. What's more to say, it's Shimano
By Christian
Orlando, FL
April 18, 2014
One of my favorite lures!
First and foremost, THIS THINGS CAST A MILE! I could not believe the distance I was casting these lure using a 7'6" rod. I use these on the surf and I can reach rolling Tarpon way out in the surf, I had two lines out with live mullet and the Tarpon were hitting this thing all day. The Mullet were never sniffed.
ProsCasts a mile, great action, catches fish!
ConsHurts when you loose one cause they are expensive but worth every penny.
By Tony
March 28, 2014
Amazing action
I tested this lure out, it has a great darting action. It will get a lot of use this spring.
By julian
March 14, 2014
Just got these in the ghost shad color. Very nice, can't wait to use them.
ProsRealistic paint
By Alon
Petach Tikvah, israel
February 15, 2014
my go to lure
I absolutely love the waxwing. it casts very far and the action is just great.
By ilya
January 19, 2014
Amazing quality, looks ver realistic
Looking forward to catch more striped bass, blue fish
By Ian
January 3, 2014
Surprise Pez Gallo Slayer!
After a slow day surfcasting, and trying assorted surface/skipping lures, I put on a Waxwing Senior (Green Mackerel). It immediately created a frenzy with the ladyfish and then... BAM! a nice Roosterfish took the Waxwing and the fight was ON. This was the hot lure for the rest of the day. Caught my 2nd, and 3rd career Roosterfish from the "Lighthouse beach" at Las Arenas, Mexico.
ProsCasts well. Great subsurface action. Color selection excellent.
ConsSome missed bites/hook sets. Maybe a stinger at the "head"?
By Yuriy
East Meadow, New York
December 6, 2013
Shimano Waxwing Jigs
Shimano Waxwing Jigs
Proslook nice, swim perfectly, great fish imitation
Consdo not attract fish, may be not for fall season
By Gary
Sprngfld Gdns NY 11413, New York
December 5, 2013
very realistic
These is one of the best Lures you can buy for the pelagic's they have a great swimming action and the hooks are very strong , works Great for YFT .
By Michel Azar
December 3, 2013
great for casting on Blue Fin Tuna and trolling on Albacore
Easy to use , cast very well, you need to retrieve faster than other lures to get the desired swimming motion .
Proseasy to troll , cast very well
ConsRetrieving should be fast, if you retrieve slowly you lose the required motion .
November 22, 2013
very cute, very realistic swimming!
very cute, very realistic swimming!
Prosvery cute, very realistic swimming!
By Hatem
Sprngfld Gdns, NY
October 19, 2013
Great lure
I hooked nice size Dorados with it in a few seconds. We came across a school of Dorados in the gulf last week, while my buddies where throughing live bait at the school and getting them hooked, I just through the Shimano Waxwing 118 bone and bam, hooked in few seconds. I love it, and I would always use it for the same situation. I am buying the rest of the sizes and different colors to share with my friends next time.
By Sovang
cherry point NC
October 13, 2013
Great fun in the surf
when no one else is catching, these are still bound to catch something in the surf. had a great day. Lost my bone waxwing JR though!
ProsGreat actions, Hooks great!
Consheart sinks when you lose one, $$$$
By Abraham
Fresno, CA
October 13, 2013
Cast far for its size n weight.
ProsGreat finish colors and sharp hooks.
ConsPrices but hey its shimano jigs..
By Sovang
Havelock, NC
October 8, 2013
Great Lure
I love the way it moves through the water. Crafted very well.
ProsDurable hooks have not rusted after multiple uses
By Sovang
Havelock, NC
October 8, 2013
Great Lure
Caught bluefish in the surf using this lure. It looks great in action. SO EASY to use. best luck straight to my line with no leader.
ProsGreat action. Great quality. Hooks haven't rusted like other lures.
ConsPrice Price Price. Very expensive to lose. Cannot use from a pier.
By Robert C
Iwakuni, Japan
September 26, 2013
Great jig
Great jig for yellow tails here in Japan, action was fast and steady.
ProsEasy to use, does not require much experience to use.
By Robert C.
Iwakuni, Japan
September 26, 2013
A must have in tackle box
Used it today for first time, the action is great and very easy to use. A must have for yellowtail fishing in Japan
By John
Philadelphia, PA
September 1, 2013
Great Action
I love the action of these lures. Drives the fish crazy
ProsThe action
By adam
el cajon, CA
June 27, 2013
Fish Catchers
This is my go to lure I love these own 8 in total now ,,,Calico killers, will be lip rippin on Tuna this year.
ProsSwim natural buy one and youll see.
ConsTo flippin expensive the price needs to drop.
By Chris Caley
Dubai,nited Arab Emirates
May 21, 2013
Shimano Waxwing
This lure is one of my favourite's as I used this lure on one of the best fishing days I have ever had. Nearly every cast I put out there I caught a fish. I would recommend this lure to anyone heading to the Halaniyat Islands in Southern Oman or anywhere there is big pelagic fish.
By Mike
Key Largo
May 19, 2013
Shimano Waxwing
The movement that this lure has sets it appart from other lures which is a good thing. The body of the lure is of good quality and will take abuse from toothy fish (baracuda and mackeral) as well as your normal Snook / Redfish population.
ProsVery good movement Good color patterns Well made
ConsMakes no sound
By Gary
Sprngfld Gdns NY 11413, New York
April 8, 2013
i like the zigzag action of the lure it really turn on the bite , the hooks are very strong and can handle big fish with no problems .
By David
Diego Garcia, BIOT
April 8, 2013
Worst lure I ever Bought
this lure does not catch anything.. I have tried it in theindian and pacific oceans and neither have given any results... I don't recomend this lure to anyone.
Consthe fish don't like it... it never hit for anything. casting, or trolling noting bites it.
By Alon
Petach Tikvah, israel
March 8, 2013
great lure
love this it casts great and the colors are awesome
Proscasts far sharp hooks great colors
By Alon
Petach Tikvah, israel
March 8, 2013
good lure
very nice lure. it casts great and i love the colors on it
Prosgreat action in water casts well sharp hooks love the colors
By Rick
Niantic, CT
February 21, 2013
Best lures last year!
So these came out (I think) late last year about the same time as the false albacore rush here in LIS. A couple of buddies brought them along when we went hunting for falsies. We caught 26 that day and the guys(2) that were fishing the waxwings out fished the two of us who weren't by a margin of 2 to 1. They just catch fish. This was proven over and over again when we were fishing for blues, stripers, even black fish later on as the season wound down. One day a guy caught 6 different species on the same lure!
ProsJust catches fish! Easy cast and retrieve.
ConsPricey and hard to find in stores!
By Mohammed
December 3, 2012
Very nice to use for Tuna, cuda and GT.
By Mohammed
December 3, 2012
Very nice lure for Tuna, cuda and GT.
By Bill
Port richey, fl
August 8, 2012
Awesome lure
Love the shimano waxwing. First cast produced a snook and many more after that. Reds also hit it.
ProsEverything Swims realistic Looks realistic
ConsWish it was weedless
By Chris
Atlanta, ga
July 17, 2012
Good Lure, but pricey
These lures work for sure, but I've lost plenty to King Mackerel, which gets pricey in a hurry. Also great for Tuna. Have hooked Cobia and AJ on these as well.
ProsEasy to use, they catch fish
3 Questions & 3 Answers
from Oregon asked:
August 31, 2015
I spend a lot of time in Kona and would like to try out the waxwings. What is the best size and colors for Ono. ( wahoo), yellowfin and mahi mahi.
1 Answers
For Wahoo, I would recommend darker colors, such as the purple black. For Mahi and Yellowfin I recommend blue sardine, chartreuse, and pink.
on September 3, 2015

from Houston asked:
April 21, 2015
Can I use waxwing lures for Speckled Trouts?
1 Answers
Vincent, these are excellent lures for speckled Trout. We highly recommend the suspending version.
on April 23, 2015

vince lowery
from england asked:
April 28, 2012
how much for a full set/16 off the boy size,with postage to england.thanks.
1 Answers
Shipping cost is shown right in the shopping cart now for your convenience. Add it to your cart and use the shipping calculator on the same web page. All you have to do is change to your Country and Zip code (Postal Code) and based on the items in your shopping cart will give you the exact shipping methods and costs to your location. Thanks a lot!
Customer Service
on April 30, 2012


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